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bayern munich next round :o

Bring it on...


Seriously, what an absolutely incredible night. Still not 100% convinced it actually happened to be honest.


Was watching events unfold on EuroSport today, and David Taylor pulled out Aberdeen as the first team of the entire draw. There were smirks aplenty when Bayern came out next - Without question the hardest draw possible, but fantastic at the same time.


If we get through I fancy our chances agaist Anderlecht or Bordeaux in the last 16...................

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Aberdeen's 'Mr Consistency' over the last couple of seasons Michael Hart is to leave the club this month.


The 27-year-old was one of the so-called 'contract rebels' who have been stalling over new deals with the club.


A fee has been agreed with English club Plymouth Argyle, and Hart is currently agreeing personal terms with the club.


The fee is believed to be in the region of £150,000.



Just read it on the dons fans forum so rumours were right, looks like Mr Nicholson will remain till the end of the season and go on a free maybe, while an offer for Chris Clark from the mighty Plymouth Arglye was turned down buy the club, whilst Zander Diamond has asked for two more days to mull over his offer.

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Aberdeen rightly rejected a bid for Clark as he is the kind of player whom Aberdeen need to hold onto. Hart is a solid player but I believe the sale of him for £100-150 k would be decent business.

However the Dons board should be doing all they can to keep Barry Nicholson as I would regard him as a key player with invaluable experience.

It is also important to keep Diamond as he is probably our best centre back.

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Its good to see Jimmy C and his team sign a new deal but could he have not done it sooner to re-assure some off the players who they want to keep on. I think he was doing it to get more backing from the directors to get more money to spend.


I'm not to bothered about Clark going I would rather have seen Hart stay I think they should do all they can to hold onto Nicolson and Miller.


Why did it take so long to offer these boys new contracts they knew there were all out off contract at one time and that the window is January. This should have been sorted months ago. Jimmy C should have been first then the big players they want to keep anyone not intrested move them on in January and replace them.


Jimmy C has done well in transfers with no money so lets see what he can do with a little money to spend.

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aberdeen hav shipped nine goals in 2 games, while only scoring2, against a poor dundee united squad, and Aiden Mcgeady and Scott McDonald (plus the rest of the celtic team who were apparently mediocre) :( :( :( :( :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


Then, :arrow: :idea:


Aberdeen v Bayern Munich (One of the Best tams in the World with players such as Podolski, Lucio, Klose, Toni, Schweinsteiger etcetcetcetc the list is endless) :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:



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Oh well, it was good while it lasted, but Baxter is still a fool for doubting the mighty Dons.


WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! :twisted: :evil: :? :( :x

I never dounted the Dons, I CORRECTLY pointed out the major challenge which they were faced with tonight. I am as big a Dons fan as there is and i nowhere stated anything about them losing.


Just like to say that aberdeen were billiant tday, Every single player showed their true potential and i thin Aluko, Walker and Considine Came of Age tonight against unquestionably better opposition.


Luca Who??? :wink:

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Was a strange game last night... two all was probably a fair result but I don't think either team could really have complained if the other had won by a few goals.


Bayern's defence was woeful I thought, especially in the first half. Demichelis was awful and knowing Lucio as "World Cup Winner Lucio" is akin to remembering Hitler as "1938 Man Time Of The Year Hitler".


As a side note, two things struck me while watching the game. First, I will never, ever complain about bias English commentators again. Secondly, I'm half considering stopping paying my TV license and if I ever get brought up before a judge I will use the excuse that Billy Dodds is getting employed by the BBC. Even if he was doing it for free that would still be too much.

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