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Grant Trailers


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Looked thro facebook,they are scammers.


Someone else has tried to deal with them. 


I have tried the link from the post but not sure if it will work. Look for facebook VW Autosleeper. Try copying the link and pasting it into your browser. 





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Grant Trailers Ltd is a genuine business, operating out of Aberdeen; my truck-driving neighbour vouched for them. I have just lost over £14500.00 of hard-saved money to what I thought was them, but a fraudster has a website, with the Aberdeen address, landline number for Aberdeen, as well as the Scottish company number for the legitimate business. I feel like a fool as I paid, as requested, via bank transfer on 18 August and was eventually given a delivery date of 5 September. The motorhome didn’t arrive; an email cited truck issues and gave a new delivery date of 7 September; needless to say, nothing arrived. Alarm bells had already started ringing for me and to my dismay, on checking the bank transfer details, I realised that the funds had been transferred to Grant Trailers Group Ltd, not Grant Trailers Ltd. The company is registered to a Romanian national, with a business address in London. The bank and police are now investigating. The cash I have lost represents over 4 years of saving hard and was meant to enable me, my adult, disabled son and our dog to visit my mum who we haven’t seen in over 4 years. The person who did this was made aware of our circumstances, but clearly has no conscience. I apologise for the length of this post, but do not want the genuine company to suffer, or, more importantly for anyone else to fall for this criminal scam.

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