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I see peeriebryan has started a bass thread, so I thought it wid only be right if I started a guitar thread.


What du you hay and play?


I am just gotten a lovely Ibanez JS1000, with a nice warm bluesy tone on the neck pickup, and a very fat, crisp soond on the bridge een.


I also have a Strat and a Moon guitar. The Moon has a ridiculously good action, and an incredibly fast neck, perfect for speedy playing.

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No no, It's a black "heavy metal" moon. It's got an original floyd rose with 2 dimarzio humbuckers. It's not a bonny guitar, but it is like nothing else i've ever played in terms of set-up and neck profile.


I found it in a peerie guitar shop in Glasgow and, believe it or not, the guy didna really keen what it was! (or so it seemed....I kept my mouth shut!:D) He had just teen it on a part exchange fae a young boy who had got it custom made (based around an ibanez), but had "more money than wit". I got it really cheap, then I took it along Jimmy Moon, who said that the pickups and bridge alone were worth more than I got it for. I think it was maybe about a couple o years old when I got it.


It was just a young guy who served me in the shop, it wasna the guy that was normally there......I think it was on Cathcart Road???? but I might be wrong, I got it when I was in the Mid Yell School......then I broke my fingers!


I'm just noticed that yin was dy 300th post......congratulations!

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Yeah, I think it was Southside Music I got it fae. I've no been there fir years. Is it still got every available inch covered with guitars at reasonable prices, or have they turned more commercial?


The wan that I always visit whenever I'm in Glasgow is Merchant City Music. The staff are friendly and the prices are really good.


On a different note, I've just found this ebay shop that offer ernie balls (and may other kinds) at about £3 a set. They are based in America, but it seems to be a UK branch of the company. If you choose the buy it now option, you get free postage.

They do aa kind o strings. I've no actually bought any strings fae them yet, but when I start tae run low, I might weel try them.

http://stores.ebay.co.uk/MusicWonderland-UK :D

Oh, they do leads and idder things as weel.

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i have a rickenbacker 650A, turquoise glitter solid body, thru-neck. lovely.


i play it with a screwdriver.


i have a big metal box with loads of pedals in too:


dod 'mystic blues' overdrive

danelectro reverse delay

yamaha sampling delay

ibanez wah

boss be5 multi fx

bespeco volume

rat distortion

nobels tremolo

2 x cheapo 6 band eq's that hardly ever get used


all into a peavey 400 stereo chorus.


but the chorus doesn't work.


or the vibrato...



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Guest Anonymous

im down to only having 2 guitars :(


A Dean guitar...no idea what model, but looks like the new Gibsons that are just plain wooden bodies...

and a vintage PRS lookie likey...bit boring now compared to like my old ones, eg Gibson SG Gothic...oh the sweet sweet sound of metal

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Just minded aboot my idder een. It's an old Jim Deacon, set up by jimmy moon dat I got fir my 12th Birthday or something. It's a copy of a music man. It's been in da laft but I just looked it out....I'd forgotton how good it is. It's the only een I hay wee a fixed bridge, so it is good for slow crushing d-tuned riffs.

I think I might stick a set of new pickups in it, anybody tried or got yin bareknuckle warpig pickups? They get rave reviews. :twisted:

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^Ooooh, yins basically my dream set-up. I'm lookin' intae gettin' a new amp, the TSL-602 combo. Great soond, and easier tae lug aroond than a stack.


I've aye wanted een o' yin jim dunlop wah's (especially the crybaby from hell model).


Since I've discovered the glories of ebay, I've really hed tae refrain fae goin guitar crazy.... sometimes I've even had tae chloroform mysel near the end of an auction for various les pauls. :cry:

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(** mod edit - taken from another thread **)


ok ,since there are so many guitar players in shetland lets hear what kind you have and what youd like to have and whats the best in your view?


ive tried a few in my time, martins,gibsons,yamaha etc but the one that id like to own would be a gibson hummingbird,or a martin d-45,how about you?


I have a squire, but Pacifica's are the best guitar in my opinion.


Quality and value.

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