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I have a 1973 blonde Rickenbacker 4001 bass which i bought from an RAF guy in Unst for only £300 back in the early 90's.


I also have an Epiphone Rivoli bass which I bought from PB's music shop in Bolts about 10 years ago. Unfortunately Mani managed to break the headstock off it when he played up here a few years ago!


I recently bought an Epiphone 335 dot guitar brand new for £300, which i thought was value for money.

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I...to be honest have a load of crap.


A Shine stratocaster i got 3 years ago for christmas and a Gould XG (SG Model) that i bought in July. The XG has a suprsingly good sound for a guitar that only cost £190 and the Shine is one the i Co-own with a younger sibling.

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just ordered an Ibanez RGA121 NTF two minutes ago, damn you mr postman where are you!!!!! 8)


He's probably on the boat, sitting in the harbour at Aberdeen. Could be a few days! Ferry stuck in Aberdeen and mail plane stuck in Sumburgh. Look on the bright side though. No extra bills for a day or two! :)

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Weel i'm doon tae wan Electric noo, a 6 an 12 string EKO doubleneck. Needs a bit o TLC but a very enjoyable work in progress.


Recently selt my Yamaha Super Axe efter aboot 15 years, (bought fae Kennys shop in Harrison square wi my first ever wages - all o dem!) wi full intentions o buyin mesell a good acoustic at last.


However i lik me peerie Crafter dat much i'm yet ta fin something tae replace it wi.


Reluctant tae go too high end due tae da combination o da way i play an da sessions i usually end up in!


A few idders knockin aboot da hoose, includin a peerie Stuart Macdonalds aquired mini-strat, crackin peerie thing dat actually soonds amazingly good.

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