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Shetland Celebrities

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wasn't al capone's right hand man from bressay?


I'm sure your right. Was it baby face nelson?


What about Pinky? There was a full page article in the Sun about him last month, following up on a feature about him in Loaded a few years ago. Not everybody gets that kind of coverage!


Was there? Wouldn't mind a link to that if you can supply one - the notorious "pinky wiseman" - some boy!


I'm afraid I dont have a link. I do have a photocopy of the Sun article.


The gist of it was that the Loaded editor had described Pinky as the most interesting person he'd ever met following a visit to cover Up helly aa. Pinky had driven him round Shetland and filled him up with so much nonsense that his article ended up about Pinky rather that Up helly aa.


The Sun took up the challenge to track down Pinky who told them that he'd just been having a laugh, but the guy was so guillable he's printed every word he said.


It was all quite amusing!

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but the guy was so guillable he's printed every word he said.


Me 'n' a couple o boys met a Loaded reporter in Posers one night, but we thought he was an under cover official of some kind coz he was asking so many questions. We enjoyed spinning him a yarn about how backward Shetland was, and that no-one ever did anything wrong.


An article appeared in Loaded a couple of months later, quoting us verbatum, making Shetland appear entirely backward. Do these people believe everything they're told?


P.S. Steven Robertson played Michael Faraday in the CH4 programme "E=mc2" a few months back. It was quite spooky seeing him in old man make-up

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Any chance you could scan thenpost it in the download section, or even on here? Would love to check it out...


It's A3 and I dont know where i'd find an A3 scanner, hardly readable when shrunk down to A4, but if you want to send me an address in a private message, i'll gladly post you a copy.

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what about Astrid Williamson the singer used to be in a band Boy in a Goya dress they did a good album and she has done a couple of solo albums


I remember talk of her and Goya Dress, but have never met her and have no idea what she looks like.


Always thought she had a very sexy name though. Well, the first part anyway - the Surname is a bit "fish factory" ;-)

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