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Shetland Celebrities

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Craig Gordon spent the first 8ish years of his life in Unst, he has to be in with a shout?


Not quite. His great aunt lives in Unst so he spent time there on holiday.


Ach it was good for the marketing boys Tomblands.


Craig Gordon went to school in Unst and Lerwick then played in goals for Northern Rovers under 12's! Yes he did.

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I think Inness Thomson (nee Fair Isle, now Glasgow) qualifies as a Shetland celebrity (but don't tell him that as his head will become painfully swollen :wink: ).


He works for Moon Guitars, and he's recently made instruments for Paulo Nutini, Steve Earl, Bryan Adams, James Blunt, Wet Wet Wet, Texas, Del Amitri.....


But the best one is a Flying Vee banjo for Baby Daddy from the Scissor Sisters


Hae a look at the website - www.moonguitars.co.uk





*Shetland celebrity name drop alert*


I wis out for pints with Stout t'other night, and Steven R not long ago. Fine Shetland boys that havna let global fame go to their heads!


Check me :oops:

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I remember Inness showing me an electric guitar he made entirely from wood (apart from the obvious parts that is) at his technical class at the high school. With the quality of that one, it doesn't surprise me at all that he's making guitars for the stars.

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