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Horse and pony welfare

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I am sorry folks but I need to have a rant here.. I am enraged at the stupidity of some folk in shetland with regards to horses/ponies and their wellbeing....


I have just looked out of my bedroom window at the ponies at the side of my house, and saw a guy from the council spraying with weedkiller right down the edge of the fenceline :shock: of all the stupid things to do... is it not obvious that if those ponies ate at the edge of the fence since the stuff does carry in the wind.. that they might get seriously ill or worse die due to the chemicals used????


The guy is wearing a protective suit and gloves and a face mask... so what about the ponies???? yes he tried to shoo them away but that makes no difference, they will go and investigate after he has gone.... and no doubt eat at the edge of the fence....


I have also witnessed on a couple of occassions people cutting grass and putting it in a field either with horses or ponies.... so they can eat it, and risk getting colic... twisted gut or worse... cut grass is NOT the same as hay... and should NOT be fed to horses or ponies.... otherwise the hay market would go down the tubes... because everyone with horses would be cutting their grass and feeding it to their horses and saving a fortune...


Being a horse owner myself I have witnessed this first hand where someone did this in a field where my horse was in and I spent most of the day trying to get rid of the cut grass... thankfully after speaking to the person concerned they realised that it wasnt a good idea and stopped doing it and put it elsewhere...


It isnt rocket science.. just a peerie bit o thought... and common sense...




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I completely sympathise with you.


Folk can be very ignorant - and it is not just here - you should see what they get up to sooth!




Thanks Frances, you are right... When are they going to learn.. if you are not sure whether it is okay to feed a horse or pony something.. DONT DO IT, or ask the owner... dont just go ahead and throw the grass cuttings in because you cant be bothered to bag it and put it in your essie bin... Ignorance can be a killer when it comes to our equine friends...


Some horses and ponies are laminitic.. and should not be fed copious amounts of green grass, some are deliberately put to graze on poor pasture so that this doesnt happen.


For anyone interested in what laminitis is...



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I totally agree Darkstar III,


But I do think the general public can be educated..

My daughters pony was once kept in a park which backed on to a few gardens, the gardeners thought they were helping by feeding grass cuttings, but once they were informed they could do serious harm.. daughters pony was prone to laminitis... they all stopped.


What really infuriates me is people who should know better....


A good few years ago, I was helping out at the pony club at seafield, with lots of young children all kitted out in riding gear, it was obvious to anyone what we were doing!!

Thankfully we noticed the convoy of Coastguard, Police and Army vehicles heading to the Ness of Sound, and got the children off the ponies and out of the park before they started their "controlled explosion"

The poor guy on the phone at the coastguard station was under no illusion what I thought of their "safety procedures"!!


Another incident... The ponies were in the park at seafield, we were at home, my daughter was ready to go out, then we heard a big explosion from the area of the seafield football pitch... the pyrotechnics guys were testing out equipment right next to the horses !!!

They stopped pretty quickly when faced by a furious teenager dressed in high heels and white breeks wading though the mud.. using words she certainly didnt learn from her mother!!!


But the answer was the same ... they didn't think !!


I hope you phoned the Council and reminded them that their "risk assessment" should also include livestock...

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