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Horse and pony welfare

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^^^ Isn't the horse going to get a bit waterlogged etc with sweat and...well, lets just say, "if it had had a hearty meal in the very recent past", if it's under that stuff....I think we're back to the "horse and pony welfare" dilemma again. :?


^^^yes but at least in will not be licking the insect repellent off its own back end... and it was a good suggestion was it not, I think we should go with the clingfilm. As scrutineer suggests its a "catch all" solution to may problems. Good thinking scrutineer, you truly are a very good lateral thinker.

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I have a really good idea. New by-law... If a horse craps outside your house it is your responsibility to go out on to the road and clean it up and dispose of it in an appropriate and environmentally responsible manner like putting it on you roses (or under them). If you don't then you should recieve an on the spot fine of at least £50. Horse riders would have to blow those little hunting horns so that people can hear them coming and then look out for droppings before being caught by the police. If you are on holiday when the horse dumps outside your house then it's your responsibility to tell you neighbour to do it for you. This will help with community relations as you will have to get on with your neighbours for this to work properly.... it's a win-win situation Now go on find a flaw in this excellent proposal!!! Aren't horses great! :P

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Hello guys and thanks for looking at this post!


As a horse owner and rider in the town, I would like to pose a few questions to you....


I have friends who love horses and think that they can do no wrong. I also have friends who like them but don't want to see them or their droppings in the middle of the town!


There are those who understand that horses are a 'potential hazard' as stated in the highway code, and those that find them a complete nuisance and don't give any regard to their own, the horse, the rider or any other cars safety.


As a horse rider, at present I have no option but to use the Sound Brae, the Somerfield roundabout and Lochside as a means to go from a to b for a reasonable ride . I would prefer not too!


With a number of young horses arriving in Shetland and Lerwick and the bill being passed through parliment - No two abreast and no riding in cycle lanes (not really relevant), riders are in ever more danger of having a serious accident. (Riders going two abreast will help a young horse in unnerving situations).


So to my questions -


What are your opinions on horses in the town?


How can we get rid of horse pooh on the roads? (I would love to dismount, pick up the pooh and be done with it, but the logistics don't work like that!)


What solution (other than no horses in the town) do you have?


Would a dedicated route for riders be a solution? (This would not omit horses from the roads but would minimise them).


In anticipation


Constructive criticism/rants only please


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As a horse rider, at present I have no option but to use the Sound Brae, the Somerfield roundabout and Lochside as a means to go from a to b for a reasonable ride . I would prefer not too!


I have no problem with horses and riders using the above route through Lerwick, it's the obvious way to go. It's those who insist on taking their horses through the town, on the principal roads, that I object to. All it takes, is a little common sense from both riders and motorists and there would be no problem.

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