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Horse and pony welfare

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How can we get rid of horse pooh on the roads? (I would love to dismount, pick up the pooh and be done with it, but the logistics don't work like that!)


errr i think this one has been already answered perfectly well earlier in the thread.......



clingfilm! thats the answer :)

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Which "A"s and "B"s are the most used for horses?

Is Cunningham Way / Staney hill a viable route?


The A's and B's are where most horses in Lerwick are grazing at the moment. Mostly at the 'Castle Park' - next to the broch or around Seafield and Sands of Sound. Where ever we go from these locations with the exception of horses at Seafield going up to the Ness of Sound, we have to use the roundabout, Lochside and Sound Brae especially if using Cunningham Way/Staney Hill.

The other issue that we have is that the Staney hill has a bitmac surface and drains are present on both sides at very frequent intervals making it more than a little bit risky for those of use who like to let our horses have a good gallop to give them a release!

Any ways thats off topic but raises another. Customised Gallops!



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I dont really see the problem with horses crapping on the roads really , I mean the mounted police dont clear it up , so mwhats good enough for them........... Anyway if the rider of the horse has to keep a proper eye on the horses ringpiece she / he would need to be facing backwards which I would surmise not be very good for navigation of said animal through the highways and byways , to say nothing of the harm done to pedestrians ect who would inevitably be suffering from split side syndrome. :lol:


This place has wider problems than a few country dumplings left on the road.

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Here's a few facts relating to points made earlier in this thread (bearing in mind I don't really have an opinion regarding horses on the roads)



We got stuck in a slow moving tailback between the Shetland Hotel and Holmsgarth roundabout today caused by a young lady on a horse using the main Holmsgarth road at 4pm with heavy traffic in both directions


Strathclyde Mounted Police are mainly used during sporting events, marches and public gatherings as a crowd control method. The Glasgow City Council cleansing department are obliged to begin clearing up after such events as soon as the main crowds have dispersed. The council workers are instructed to remove the horse droppings


A good friend of mine was involved in a motorbike crash caused by horse dung on the corner of an suburban road



I have just looked out of my bedroom window at the ponies at the side of my house, and saw a guy from the council spraying with weedkiller right down the edge of the fenceline :shock: of all the stupid things to do... is it not obvious that if those ponies ate at the edge of the fence since the stuff does carry in the wind.. that they might get seriously ill or worse die due to the chemicals used????


The guy is wearing a protective suit and gloves and a face mask... so what about the ponies???? yes he tried to shoo them away but that makes no difference, they will go and investigate after he has gone.... and no doubt eat at the edge of the fence....

I wouldn't worry too much about that. The standard pesticide/weedkiller chemicals used by the council are only dangerous whilst airborne vapors. All council employees and contractors with a chemical spraying licence must attend an extensive course on the safe use of such chemicals; one factor of which is to make sure that any cross winds are not strong enough to carry vapors which can be directly inhaled by people or animals. (Most of) these chemicals are safe to be ingested orally once in their liquid or powder state
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