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Michael Barrymore Arrested Over Pool Death

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Game show host Michael Barrymore is one of three men arrested by police investigating the murder of a party-goer, sources say.



Stuart Lubbock was found dead in Barrymore's swimming pool home near Harlow, Essex, in March 2001.


It is the second time Barrymore has been arrested in connection with the case.


Three months after Mr Lubbock's death, the entertainer was arrested on drugs offences and subsequently cautioned.


Essex police said the suspects - aged 32, 37 and 55 - had been arrested on suspicion of murder and sexual assault.


Mr Lubbock, a butcher, died after after going to a late night party with Mr Barrymore and some friends.


Post-mortem tests showed he had suffered severe internal injuries, which suggested sexual assault.


Alcohol, ecstasy and cocaine were found in his bloodstream.


A lengthy investigation was carried out by police but no one was charged with any offence and a coroner recorded an open verdict following an inquest.


In December 2006, police began a new inquiry into Mr Lubbock's death.


In January, a police watchdog announced an investigation into detectives' handling of the original inquiry, but that has been put on hold following the arrests.


The case has continued to haunt Barrymore, who recently returned to the UK after moving to New Zealand in 2003.


His former agent, Karen Kage, said: "He left a month ago to come back to England. He wanted to go back home."


It has been reported he had split with his long-term boyfriend and is mixing in London showbusiness circles again.

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Game show host Michael Barrymore is one of three men arrested by police investigating the murder of a party-goer, sources say.

Not according to the Beeb:

Essex Police said the men were aged 37, 32 and 55 but would not confirm Michael Barrymore, who is 55, was among them.

So it may not be him that was arrested.... but who knows... or cares :wink:

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To provide some clarification on the matter, in England & Wales the Police use "arrest" as we would use detention in Scotland, however in Scotland you can only be detained once for a particular incident. In England & Wales, Officers may arrest you as many times are as required to go over evidence as and when it arises. Lastly, in Scotland, arrest is the "last resort" or final stage of an enquiry prior to a report going to the Procurator Fiscal and may only be carried out when there is sufficient evidence to do so. In England (obviously) matters are dealt with differently.


So the fact that anyone has been arrested may be of no particular significance in the scheme of things and may lead to no progress in the enquiry or for the bereaved family in this tragic case.


But it does sell newspapers and get folk watching daytime news!! :?


Your humble servant.

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