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At last, Gaza liberated from Zionist oppression by Hamas

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"Palestinian Arab group Hamas undertakes a coup d'etat against the more secular-minded government of President Abbas." - CON COUGHLIN, The Daily Telegraph


Considering that Hamas actually won the 2006 presidential elections, then forced out by international sanctions and pressure, led by Isreal and the US, surprisingly! This should be seen as an example of liberty and democracy.


I doubt it will bring more peace and security, probably more sanctions, incursions by Israel and suffering to the residents of Gaza. So what about this road-map to peace, oh yea, Tony is right on that, as soon as he has left office and picked up a cushy job on the board of directors of some international corporation.

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After a fun couple of days "paintballing", it's back to the daily office grind of paperwork for the democratically elected Hamas staff.


"I need that report by 4pm please Alan"


"no problem, fancy a cheeky half after work Dave?"


"er...lets not"

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On the beeb news last night, according to one gun-toting maniac, sorry "Hama affiliate", the fighting was not between Hamas and Fatah, not between Israel and Palestine, not between Zionists, Islamists and Secularists, it was between Muslims and infidels.


If you are right about the elections DeMascus (having joined the debate late I assumed the coalition was of the democratic Scottish variety) then perhaps there is some justice in this, but with the people in charge having attitudes like that I noted above, I'd say the chance of peace and stability are next to nothing.


Oh, and there's the small matter of the genocidal Hamas charter too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamas

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The marketing division of the democratically elected Hamas staff put on a Friday afternoon push to "hit their targets" for the week before clocking off


"ok Brian, lets get this finished up before 6, I want to go clubbing tonight with some of the lads from Fatah"

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3pm, teabreak time for some of the democratically elected Hamas workers. Looks like Tim from purchasing has dropped his raspberry smoothie


"oh, I'm such a butterfingers...ah well back of the queue for me"

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