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Is this wise?

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Agree with both points above - if someone wants to follow a certain religion, that's up to them, but at the end of the day they have no right to jam it down everyone's throats.


Here is a bit more about Salman Rushdie, including a list of books he has written and the controversy surrounding the publication of the Satanic Verses.

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In the UK we have a law to protect the Church of England from blasphemy. This is an old law going back centuries and I am not sure if it would apply to Scotland. Our government also had plans for a new law covering all religions although I cannot remember if it got through Parliament.


Surely if the Church of England is protected from blasphemy then it must be right to consider blasphemy against other mainstream religions to be morally wrong even if there is no specific law against it. And if blaspheming against a mainstream religion is morally wrong then giving an honour to someone who has blasphemed against Islam has to be morally wrong.


Condemnation of the giving of this honour is not limited to extremists in Iran. Imran Kahn, the former Pakistan cricketer said "western civilisation should have been mindful of the injury the writer had caused to the Muslim community by writing his highly controversial book".


Which to my mind leaves just one question. Did the book blaspheme Islam?. If what was written could be deemed to be blasphemy then it was wrong to offer Rushdie an honour and it would not be unreasonable to hope that he would decide not to accept. On the other hand if it is considered that the book did not constitute blasphemy then it might well be reasonable to consider some sort of public apology by Rushdie to Islam should he be able to claim that he never intended to cause offence to Islam.

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I don't think there needs to be any laws against blasphemy; it's an unnecessary restriction of free speech. If God has a problem with what someone says, He - being omnipotent - is quite capable of sorting it out for himself. He doesn't need a flimsy and incompetent judicial system to stick up for Him.

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Weel, i'm in fú agreement wi da post made by KOYAANISQATSI.


Da gist o it aa is typified wi da waye da late Bernard Manning is bein treated in da (tabloid) press.


Its arguable wha, atween Salman and Bernard, will be entertained da maist fok, but i'm damn sure auld Manning made mair fok gaff...

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Good point Spinner72. Bernard Manning never cared about who he offended - everyone was fair game to him. Even I reckon you can't say fairer than that and I despise racists.


In addition they're surely not offering Salman Rushdie a knighthood just on the basis of having written 'The Satanic Verses'. Three other books he has written are 'Midnight's Children', 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet' and 'Haroun and the Sea of Stories'. Plus others.


So therefore I reckon the people who scrutinised him for writing 'The Satanic Verses' obviously have no idea what they are talking about, and most likely haven't read any of his books.

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I generally only ever typified Bernard Manning with lard for lack of a human comparison and might have found it funny if he was late a lot earlier.

As for blasphemy, the holy brigade will just have to console themselves with the promise of my eternal damnation, cause I really dont think I can stop, it's such fun.


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And their off


Around 150 hardline protesters in the eastern city of Lahore torched an effigy of the British queen and called for Rushdie to be handed over to an Islamic court, witnesses said.

"We want Rushdie to be handed over to Muslim country where he should be tried under Sharia law," protest leader Shahid Gilani told the crowd. "The punishment for a blasphemer is death."


I never had any allegiance to any flags much, but I can feel the patriotism rising when a good flag burning is misused by these idiots for their own pathetic cause.

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"Everyone has the right to freedom of expression"

Article 10 European Convention of Human Rights

As far back as 1949, in a speech on freedom under the law, Lord Denning said: "The offence of blasphemy is now a dead letter".

Opposing the blasphemy laws is in the interest of the global community, of tolerance and of the advancement of critical thought and compassion.

If a society disregards blasphemy laws, there is no problem, as there are no victims of blasphemy. It is the initial step, though, of making it known that society no longer needs these superstitious restrictions on speech. Blasphemy, remember, is not the same as political incorrectness. Step one requires that we blaspheme. Once blasphemy is accepted, occurrences of the Rushdie affair will not happen. Neither will a Christian be able to prevent people from saying "Jesus Christ was gay", nor a Muslim prevent people from saying, "Muhammad was a polytheist in his youth".

Find those who wish to uphold the blasphemy laws

Judge your chances of legally defeating them

Create blasphemy

Fight those who oppose


If god is blasphemy in your eyes, a blasphemy to Human nature, when a theist says your are blaspheming, he is also blaspheming against you.


Anyhoo, since no one who can think for themselves really gives a hoot what religion says from any other but a historical point of view, I'd say the main point of any relevance goes to Ghostrider:

I've never understood the point of these so called "honours", they're given in the name of the Monarchy, who are obsolete and superfluous.
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If you haven't read the Satanic verses, here's a parallel.






That truly is blasphemous - the destruction of an original, mint condition copy of With The Beatles. Heretics!

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