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Is this wise?

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Not been following this story enough to know but....


I am confused how Rushdie's book can be true blasphamy, since it would seem to contain only a fictional account of Muhammad's actions, and from my understanding muslims consider him to have been fully mortal..... I do understand that Pakistan's laws have been broadened to include any derogatory comments about the prophet though.


It's also interesting to think about the full details of this "critisism" in the book, as that part of the story is based on one possible (widely accepted, scollarly) interpolation of the story of Muhammad, based on the oldest surviving texts, presented as a dream sequence, in the mind of one of the charactors, while he is suffering from a mental illness.....

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If you haven't read the Satanic verses, here's a parallel.






That truly is blasphemous - the destruction of an original, mint condition copy of With The Beatles. Heretics!


Quite agree! That could have been worth something.


But then, as George Harrison said at the time, "If they're going to burn them, they have to buy them first."

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To HELL with ALL religion ,. burn all the books, bomb all the churches, I would dynamite the Sistene chapel tomorrow if it would free mankind of the curse of religion..... But of course, it would'nt... Some idiot would proclaim Himself, the Messiah, and other idiots would follow... It seems we're programmed that way... :evil: :evil: :x :cry: :? :roll:




(Refugee from the "Drunk zone") :roll:

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Seems to me that his tonyness is stirring up as much turd as he can before sloping of to a round of after dinner speeches and of course a nice little number in europe.

Oleg Gordievsky don't know what he has ever done for the uk but he was a traitor to his own country so not a very nice caracter. tony has already pissed of the russians this year by sticking his nose in to their affairs, and demanding the handing over of one of their own for trial for the killing of another one of their own (some could see it as the rightful execution of a traitor under russian law), I find this stance a bit rich when he wont deport known terrorists to face trial for murder in their own countries in case they get punished for their crimes.

Old salman now he's indian i believe (I didn't realise that attending uni in the uk makes you british) as a muslim he must of known that the satanic verses was going to stir up a lot of turd with the ayatollahs and every other bloody idiot of that ilk.

I am no fan of islam (or christianity for that matter) but don't find the need to upset the idiots because it will be some poor bar steward that has no conection to salman that gets his head hacked of with a blunt knife live on the internet for tony's stupidity.

I don't for one minute think that tony didn't realise the trouble this knighthood would cause so we can only speculate what his motives are.

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