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Anyone manly enough to eat hot chili sauces?


Goes with everything. What are your favourites?



Tobasco is rubbish. Much too vinegary and not hot enough. Im currently eating some Encona stuff, a little better perhaps. I've spotted a little mexican shop which I reckon would stock some kick ass varieties, but i've been too lazy to go yet.

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I suggest all Shetlanders get themselves down to the Great Wall and try the Volcano Ribs. They are lovely, covered with red/green chilies! So good to eat and leaves you unable to talk due to lip paralysis.

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Slightly off topic but I noticed earlier today that the spell checker I use with my (Chinese) e-mail program offered "Tabasco" as its 1st suggestion for Tavish when I was writing to a friend about our political representatives. The same program turned Alastair into "alas".

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Doh! Even chilli is addictive! Why does God mock me this way?


The "workout crowd" may truly be onto something since clinical studies show ingesting capsaicin releases powerful endorphins thus giving the user a burst of energy accompanied by a feeling of well being. Endorphins are natural drugs produced by our own bodies, and they're considered more powerful than morphine. In the case of hot peppers, the high is non-hallucinogenic, but people who crave spicy foods are usually hooked on the endorphins as much as the taste.


According to Dr. Frank Etscorn of New Mexico University (who also holds the first patent on the nicotene patch), "Endorphins are released into our brain when we eat hot peppers. Like other psychotropics including peyote, coca, and marijuana, chile peppers alter our state of consciousness. Many of us crave hot spicy foods, and we may even get slightly strung out, but it's no big deal," he says.


This explains the psychology of hot pepper eaters who thrive on the strong stimulation. They crave the combination of pleasure and pain that brings on a higher state of consciousness. The endorphins and other physical sensations that flood the brain when a chile addict bites into a hot pepper instantly overwhelms the senses. This phenomenon has been described by doctors as a "rush."


Now consider what happens when someone ingests the essence of a pepper through their nose. It's an instant rush far beyond that of eating the hottest jalapenos, and it's this rush that has workout fanatics using The Sinus Buster pepper nasal spray as part of their workout regimen. Whether it's running, weight lifting, or team sports, sinus buster users are finding a big burst of energy packed in a powerful little bottle.


Think I'll head out tonight with a pepper-spray and see if i can sell any to clubbers :wink: Hey i wonder what the "D against D" would make of that? :o

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