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ah yes thatchers wonderful rule


i remember with great affection:

the riots

the raging inflation

millions out of work


and best of all i remember being a gnats whisker off losing our house and everything we'd worked for through no fault of our own :roll:


It beats me why Thatcher gets to carry the whole rap, certainly the woman had as many faults that you could fill a phone directory listing them in 10 point type were you to make alist, but what about her predecessors Heath/Wilson/Callaghan? Remember them, how perfect were they?


Remember the raging inflation....


Remember pickets and flying pickets grinding coal mines, steelworks, power stations, the railways, the buses.....etc.....to a halt continiously....


Remember the Unions having more govermental power than the government itself when Labour held office....


Remember the millions in work....being paid handsome salaries for jobs that no longer existed, or in some cases never had existed....and bankrupting the industries involved.


Remember the "3 day week"....remember frequent lengthy power cuts nationwide, and the crime waves which accompanied them....because power stations were either picketed or there was no fuel available to them due to one strike or other....


Remember businesses going and nearly going bankrupt, and people losing or nearly losing their homes, because somewhere either upline or downline, or both, in the chain that provided their income one or more were on strike, or on reduced production because someone else was on strike etc, and the cashflow was zero.


Thatcher has much to answer for for the way she did things, but at least she left the country in more solvent and bouyant state than when she took charge of it, her three predecessors all were ousted leaving a greater mire behind them than they inherited.

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^^ With all your adoration of the hag that was called thatcher you've managed to overlook the single worst thing she managed


she alone change the attitude of the people


she managed to make the attitude of "i'm all right f**k you" acceptable to the masses

that has changed the country and made it the sh*theap it is now and for that one act i will hate the b*tch for eternity.



i do have to admit one thing though they are all rsoles :roll:

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She and her greedy free-market acolytes put a price on everything while knowing the worth of nothing. Before 1979 the UK may not have been perfect, but we had a lot of good things, like profitable nationalised industries subsidising unprofitable ones via the Treasury's kitty. Now every last detail of life has to run at a profit to feed its shareholders, never mind that the service it provides is not as good as it was.


Look at the poor old Royal Mail struggling to keep its universal business - i.e. delivering to unprofitable places like Shetland - going in the face of a lot of private sector sharks who have creamed off all the profitable business and can't be bothered with such "unprofitable" places.


She was the worst of Englishness. But there are good ones too, honest.


There's one writing this :wink:

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Once heard her on , I think it was nationwide , being asked the question "What if Scotland had a referendum on independance and wanted it , what would you do ? " Well, replied the tin cow " I wouldnt give it to them ! " She was and still is one of the most arrogant , anti scottish , stuck up scumbag you are every likely to meet.


She wanted to use Scotlandm, like for testing the poll tax. That was ridiculous.

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I as an Englishman think that are friendship with Mr Bush is not good at all & tars us with a very dirty brush!!!


To many of the English people (many in government) think that in some strange way us being & sometimes acting like them does us some good some how when really all it does is turn people against us as people & nation.


Just look at Iraq!!


I feel its about time we turned are back on the yanks & started standing on are own 2 feet again without "big brother" looking over are shoulder!!


Mrs Thatcher did some very stupid things to her own people in her time as PM but not as stupid as Mr Blair has....


I just hope Mr Brown has got more savvy!!!


We'll just have to wait & see....

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