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Can't believe I've never seen this thread before now??!


Somewhere good to stay is in the Andel area. It's not slap bang in the middle of the city, but the Andel hotel in Andel is a top notch hotel for half the price of the centre based ones .. and around the corner is the underground which you can get straight into the centre in about 5 / 10 minutes.


The prices for food and drink in and around Andel are local prices rather as the inflated tourist prices in other areas.

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Well I'm away to Prague tomorrow been moving house the past couple of weeks and been busy at work so not had much time to prepare or arm myself with knowledge of whats best to see, eat or entertainment etc. so if you have a few spare minutes HELP!!!


Staying for 5 nights in the centre of Prague, seems to be around 20 degrees at the moment through the day but it will probably be quite cold at night. Thanks for the help.

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Prague is great, some amazing buildings and interesting things to see like the astronomical clock and the castles. Food is good as well, try the Czech Goulash.


But things to watch out for is that the main place St Wenceslas square is totally hoaching with tourists and is totally geared up for them so its quite expensive, if you want cheaper stuff go a bit farther away.


Also at night its full of dodgey Morrocans, Nigerians, Arabs etc that try none stop to sell you drugs or take you to sex/strip shows. Once you get rid of one another takes his place, best to ignore them and carry on walking as speak to them once and they will pester you even longer. Can be quite intimidateing and dodgey if you are on your own.


Plus the taxi drivers will try and rip you off, they are terrible for it, try and decide on a price before hand and only use cabs that look coasha.


Hope you have a good time.

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Headin out to Prague next March for a week, anyone have any further advice? What should we definately see? Any hidden gems off the beaten track that we should look up? Group 4 guys early/mid :shock: 20's, so I'd imagine there will be a fair amount o drinkin, but I wid lik to see some o the city as weel! :P

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