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...when I stop in a passing place to let someone through from the opposite direction.. whoever is behind me DONT DRIVE PAST ME YOU IGNORANT turdES! ...


What....not even when the vehicle(s) coming from the other direction have safely passed?

So are you saying that cars, bikes, lorries etc should continue on at 3mph behind your 4-legged turding machine?

A bit o' consideration for AND from all road users goes a long way.

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Guest Pronto

wits undertaking? is it owertakin atween da car an da pavement cis i had twa bikes do it ta me just efter da roondaboot at da coop, an i wis in a transit, i resisted the temptation ta send them flyin inta ditts yard.

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Ah yes, mutual respect!!


I used to drag around the motorways on my Honda Goldwing towing a 28 cubic foot trailer on the back. The thing that really used to grip my **** was when the cars had all stopped due to a jam, and the motorcyclist can potter up slowly between the lanes (bike, trailer, luggage, me and the other half too the weight to over a tonne and 17 feet in length - potter is fast enough), some tosspot in a tin box would pull towards the white line. He wasn't going anywhere so he was going to make sure that I didn't.


At some point I would slip up the other side of him and delay him a bit by making sure that his lane was going slower than any of the other ones.


Had he not have felt the need to slow me down I would not have felt the need to teach him some manners.


I think car drivers have to accept that whilst you are in your warm box listening to Mantovani and brewing a cup of tea as you drive along with your slippers on in the rain the biker is getting wet. Whilst you are stuck in a jam the biker slips through. So each has its advantages.


But the best thing about a bike was summed up by the sticker on my number plate "The car in front is now behind". That said I always tried not to put myself at risk.

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Guest Anonymous

Im sorry to have to burst your bubble spokeshave.

But the hailing of bio - fuel as our savior for when oil runs out is again a dangerous delusion to satisfy yourself it can be business as usual on the run dow to empty.

Yes Bio - fuel and even pure crop and waste produced fuels can be used to power cars , buses , trains & ships.

I know of one man here in shetland who has been running his diesel engined car on pure vegetable oil (it has the same flashpoint as diesel & significantly cheaper ) although over the long term it is said to cause various mechanical problems. Also on sweden they have a bus service in operation that runs on gas produced from the waste offal at abbotoirs.

But to produce bio fuels is itself energy intensive , firstly in the growing and harvesting of the huge amount of crops required to produce the fuel (and dont forget about the fertilizers and pesticides that are also derived from oil) and secondly in the refining and follow on transportation of the fuel.

In fact we could use up all the growing space on the planet and it would be doubtful if we could still produce enough to replace our current level of oil &gas,brazil isone of the biggest producers and users of ethanol derived from sugar cane , somewhere near 20% in there cars and buses but they have wiped a massive area of rainforest to do it

Oh and then of course we still need to grow crops and rear animals for our own consumption , already this is causing flare ups and within the usa and the e.u as farmers switch to growing rape seed etc for fuel and this in turn has caused the price of wheat and other food produce to rocket.

The coming fuel crisis and the way most people remain so calm and generally uninterested is probably not unlike the attitude most of the passengers had after the titanic hit that iceberg ...." hey its ok ! its the biggest ship in the world and designed to be unsinkable ! " and the band played on.

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