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Have a rant!!!!

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Exit Somerfield car park and cross the Sea Road at/near exit, walk into Lerwick and cross the South Road using the pedestrian crossing at the health centre, up Gilbertson Road, down Anderson Road to HBC!


So you recommend crossing in the middle of the road where there is no safe crossing? Or still at the roundabout... and just imagine, it's pouring down with rain, you've got 6 bags of heavy shopping and a screaming hungry toddler (and not enough change for a taxi) and you are very tired after a long day at work. Do you take the long route as you have suggested? or do you cross at the roundabout, walk to the Clickimin Centre and use the pedestrian crossing there?


(thank goodness I don't have to do this any more!)

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Said more in jest than in earnest hence exclamation. I appreciate how crap drivers are in LK (and rest of Shetland). Hard to believe everyone is in such a hurry in a small island but it is a miracle that not more accidents have happened at roundabouts.


At some of the more minor roundabouts in Shetland there is a tendency to treat the most prominent through road as though it has superiority and refuse to slow down for any traffic approaching from other directions. The classic example of this is in Scalloway at the school, were it is long past the time for a 20 mph limit to be in place. Only this morning I had to break hard in the middle of the roundabout as a car approaching from the left flew through without slowing at a speed of circa 30 mph. Nutter.

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Fair enough....walk to the Sound Service Station, cross there using the crossing. Continue along the loch side of the road until the crossing at Clickimin. From there along Lochside and up Anderson Road.

Or take your chances at the roundabout - there's only really two 15-minute periods in the day that it'll be uncrossably busy so you could plan your journey around that.

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What the {'f' it was funny in Father Ted 'eck'} are THEY all about, eh?!! Why couldn't the Big Feller have made somethin more functional an less ... icky. Especially with a cold. I mean, yer philtrum funnels all that snot into yer gob. It's a basic design flaw, innit. Feckin amateurs. Slarty Bartfast wouldn't have made THAT mistake now, would he?!!


An don't get me started on yer perineum, missis!!! :shock: :wink:



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YouTube is blocking all premium music videos to UK users after failing to reach a new licensing agreement with the Performing Right Society (PRS).

Thousands of videos will be unavailable to YouTube users from later on Monday.




This guy will explain. He will swear; you may also.



The Sssssscummm :evil:

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Your post is a bit confusing KOY because the news report you link to is unconnected to the video you posted, so far as I can see. The issue with PRS is a UK only issue, and PRS doesn't have anything to do with the big music corporations - it is the independent body that collects royalties on behalf of the artists/songwriters. Youtube wants to pay less to the artists for having their music online, so really it is Youtube that is the big, greedy corporation here. Musicians can't really continue making music unless they can earn a living from it; cd sales are plummetting, so they have to rely more on royalties. If they can't get those either then, er, they aren't going to be making any music.

Other sites have agreed licencing deals with PRS recently, so if Youtube can't agree then they are probably making unreasonable demands.

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^Oh right

Never checked it that deep.

Still, if Musicians wanted folk to buy their music then you'ld think they would let us hear it on you tube first.

The itunes preview is very short so I like to check out the whole thing on youtube before I commit to buy if it's something new.

From now on I will ONLY pay for what I can find on youtube first.


Oh, and I stand by my comment that WMG are Ssssscummmm anyway. :twisted:

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Today I hate iTunes.


I honestly just hate it.


Since I acquired my first iPod in late 2005, iTunes has been Satan's mistress in disguise. If it isn't clogging my hard drive it keeps having issues with updating my iPod and I get Tourette's syndrome when it doesn't do as I say.



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