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What's Boosty Doin'?

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bootsie emplyment update - he's driving forklifts at D.I.T.T(i don't even think he has a valid license)

He's sittin his ticket on Saturday he said. Maybe he's joost gettin a bit o practice in.


I heard that him and Barry Henry were pickin welks for a bit o extra cash. He's savin up for a new hat

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Bootsy is apparently collaborating with Eddie Barclay on a couple of exciting projects. (Or so I've been told).


Are you sure it wis Eddie Barclay? I saw him in da Lounge last tuesday an him an Peerie Willie were deep in conversation. Willie wis explainin the essence o da funk. Bootsy kept tryin ta tell him aboot Catfish, but Peerie Willie said he'd never hed onything more exotic as saat pilticks.

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Just use a bit of imagination Jimmy. It's not that hard.


Maybe JAS knows the truth about Bootsy, which has caused his confusion so far in this thread, everybody "in the know" knows that Bootsy hunts Bobolinks in Fair Isle all summer and sells "Wang Computers" in Burra all winter, it's part of his community service.


Just 'cos you didn't know McFly :P

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Also, watch out for the acclaimed Jimmy Cole / Sly Stone roadshow too.

Dat will be good :lol: The Herra Hall realy is Chocolate City dis summer


Yuns me joost aff da phone tae Bootzilla eenoo. He wiz prattlin somethin aboot Maceo & Mackie.......


I canna mak him oot a lot o da time. Hits aa 'the name is Bootsy baby' and 'woooh oooh oooh' n da lik. Funny hi pitched voice on him

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