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Fibre Optic Cable Broadband Shetland


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I got my quote from BT today to have the possibility of cable broadband to my house (which is about 4 miles from our exchange).


So my question is this...... why does it cost this much?  The YTS teenager at BT who phoned to give us this quote had no idea.

Is the cable laid with the gilded wings of unicorns?

Seriously, I would love to know.

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I got a quote for £50k for it to be installed at the office. The nearest node to connect to is 1.1km away. Asked them for a breakdown to which they said they could not give me one. I asked them what the work entailed, they gave me a list of infrastructure they would have to install. I said to them why don't you just blow a fibre through the ducting to the BT box outside our building.

Price went down to £947.00

The people who contact you to sell it have no clue what will be required to install it. The boys in the vans know where everything is and what is possible. That being said if there is no duct carrying fibre from the exchange past your house then they would have to run 4m of duct and if that is going alongside a road that won't be cheap to do. Not £973k though.

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