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Still Game

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One of the characters is ment to die in this series, I dont know who, but think they are all funny so dont want any of them to go, but they are surley replaced with a new character.


Think my fav episode is the one "cairds" when they play poker. Its so funny, love the bit when they tell Isa to "move your ass" when shes blocking the window and she says "right-o" and starts danceing, lol.

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Totally agree. The creators Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan are geniuses, great writers and fantastic comedy actors.


Chewin the Fat was must see TV, but Still Game is a level above. Not a duff episode, which is some feat for a show which is in it's 6th series.

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A repeat of Thursdays episode is on tonight at 10.20 on BBC 1.


It is cracking comedy, some fantastic one-liners and brilliant quotes.


I remember reading somewhere that the last series would end with carnage in Craiglang cemetery and wipe everybody out, but haven't heard about one getting killed off in this series. Who do you think it would be?


According to Scotland on Sunday today it seems that the BBC have banned anything from the RDF, the parent company of the production unit for Still Game, following the shambles of the documentary about the Queen last week..... that would be a shame.

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