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Death Penalty

Should we reintroduce the the death penalty?  

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  1. 1. Should we reintroduce the the death penalty?

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Guest Anonymous

Been reading a few of the earlier posts on this subject. As for the suicide bombers death holds no fear for them so feed them to pigs bit by bit cant get into heaven by the way of a pigs ass can they. If it was up to me they would still be alive when porky started chomping down on them :twisted:

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And there we have an example of Islam and its intolerance Lola, this punishment is perfectly OK for homosexuality and infidelity according to the profit Mohamed I just think it is OK for pedophiles and murderers and as I have already said a lot better than the pish we have in this country.

You advocate the extremist's extreme method of execution for certain crimes and yet you are intolerant of extremists! You are a man of extremes yourself. You confuse me... extremely.

One discouraging factor in this grotesque method of demise is that the condemned man had obviously learned nothing from all the poor sods who had gone before him in the same manner - or he wouldn't have been there getting his hands/feet chopped of and castrated, stabbed, etc, prior to being slowly hanged by a crane.

This is more of a sadistic funfair rather as a deterent methinks. But let us not be too dispondent Sheepshagger, do not be blinkered by death, there is scope for improvement on your deterent and indeed compromise... hows about you beat him sensless, stab him, castrate him, chop of his hands and feet - and then force him to do 160hrs communtity service!

That should teach the sausage a lesson with all the fun of the fair!

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Im more for murders to be used for human experimentation, as there must be many break throughs that could be speeded up if human guniea pigs could be used. Thus they could benefit all mankind.

By jove! here was me thinking you were under the influence of the BNP, but If it isn't an underling of dear Josef Mengels himself! How long before you are trucking in the gypsies too for the benefit of mankind.

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This is clutching at straws isn't it? Execution for still being over the bag the night after a sesh really isn't the kind of thing Sheepshagger is talking about.

No, not really, i was merely addressing the point as to where you draw the line. There is a genuine debate as to whether the act of consuming alcohol or drugs and then commiting a related 'loss of responsibility' crime thereafter should not be reconsidered legally to account for the fact that consuming the substance that affected behaviour was an act of free will in the first place and thus does not negate responsibility.

Thus, if murder was punishable by execution, the death penalty would apply for firstly, and most importantly, choosing to consume a substance that affects behaviour and secondly choosing to drive a vehicle thereafter, for instance. It makes the offence pre-meditated, in a round about fashion.

I was trying to keep it short.


If you could reason why execution is extreme for the crimes he has already mentioned or argue the case for rehabilitation in prison then you might be able to call Sheepshagger an over-emotional extremist.

Not quite what i said either, my point about SS's original post was that he implied from the outset that he would not accept any other opinion, making it's appearance in a discussion or debate thread questionable and the tone one of offense. And, for the record, i never called him an extremist either. :wink:


As to the debate, the points SS makes may be rational and even logical, but rationality and logic do not always lead to the best possible outcome.

To use the same analogy i have used elsewhere on this matter, humans may well be animals with a tendency toward civillisation, but to remove the civillisation renders us merely animals, but the sad fact of this is that animals do not kill or mutilate for revenge. So is revenge a measure of our greater ability than other animal species?

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To use the same analogy i have used elsewhere on this matter, humans may well be animals with a tendency toward civillisation, but to remove the civillisation renders us merely animals, but the sad fact of this is that animals do not kill or mutilate for revenge. So is revenge a measure of our greater ability than other animal species?


Brilliant analogy Njugle.


I just don't think you can get rid of the problem by killing it. Fight the problem, not the problem causer. Death penalty isn't a deterrent.


Hell, read a story about Tookie Williams someone who was a convicted murderer, and was sentenced to death. In Prison, at first, he was violent and was placed into solitary confinement for 6 years. When he came out he wasn't as bad, and then by about 2000 he severed connections with gang life and begun anti-gang work such as an autobiography Blue Rage, Black Redemption and Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story, a Hollywood movie which honored him.


He got a letter from George Bush thanking him for his social activism! He was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his children's books which helped kids avoid gang life.


I would say that he had certainly reformed himself somewhat.


Then they kill him/shoot themselves in the foot.

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Only when faced with his own mortality did he mend his ways, and now he has written books with the aim of keeping kids out of gangs. So I will argue that this is an excellent example of the death penalty having a positive effect. If he managed to dissuade even one kid from joining a gang then it had the desired deterrent effect.

Would he have put in the same effort if he was sentenced to 50 years or life, I doubt it he would of got together with his gang buddies in the jail and carried on life as before dealing drugs, dishing out beatings, the odd killing here and there.


Njugle you don't read/watch enough national geographic if you think animals don't act out of revenge. This is a notion propagated by the religious among us to prove their idea that only man is made in gods image, and that we are higher forms than the animals.

Animals experience emotion just like us

Hell I mind a boy at school who tormented farmer browns dog when it was tied up in its yard, the dog ran right past me on the street one day and took great joy in biting his legs, revenge is sweet indeed even for a animal.


Post my original post and let the others decide what was implied.

I just don't see how being a crack head is some form of excuse for torturing and killing a ten month old baby.

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I totally agree about animals experiencing emotion, and that we are animals and not 'divine beings'.


That's a fine story of Farmer Brown's dog but i fear the revenge element may be misconstrued. You need only ask a postie as to the territorial behaviour of dogs. I find it hard to believe that the majority of posties have inflicted some cruelty on dogs to trigger the aggressive response that many dogs exhibit toward them, in many cases distinct from any other visitors to their territory. That response which you are calling revenge.:wink:


I don't see being a crack-head as any form of excuse either, but i don't see how torturing and killing the crack-head is going to bring back the bairn or deter any other crack-head from behaving in a similar fashion. But to be more realistic about it, there may be nothing to suggest that being a crack-head played a direct part in the horrific demise of this child. Eg, Mirah Hindley wasn't a crack-head, unless i've missed something.The sick in society rarely have the self-awareness to factor their punishment into their action.

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the dug lived at the top of knab road and bit the lad in commercial street nothing territorial about it's action unless it was thinking there's yun sausage that was in my yard I'm gonna have him (oh that would be revenge as well) :lol:


and if the reasoning is they had no concept that what they were doing was wrong them all the more reason to Euthanize them.

the fact is I can think of a lot of reasons to execute scum like this but none for keeping them alive

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Well then perhaps you have at least now removed the torture element from your wishes. Progress. :wink:


Not to go off on a dog psychology discussion, but from my experience a dog who hates posties will recognise the uniform and hate them wherever it finds them, if you see what i mean. Hate enemy/rival/invader, not "I must punish and cause suffering to those who have wronged me."

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just discused this with a dog owning postie,

The dogs dont hate posties it is terretorial behaviour, the postie comes drops something of and leaves without interacting with the human inhabitants there for from the dogs point of view they have no right to be there.

revenge is an act that is prompted by an emotional response' so if the dog as you and i believe is capable of emotion it is not that big a jump to believing they are capable of revenge :wink:

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The folks that tortured and killed the baby would not enjoy an easy death if it was up to me.


So they torture and are bad, evil despicable, and you torture and are.....what exactly?


If they are wrong then what differentiates you from them if you see torture as a valid method of interaction?

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