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Is there anyone else out there of the mouth-full-of-fissure-sealant generation who's now having to have all the bloody things replaced by fillings? :D


And your dentist says it was all a mistake, the fissure sealants were a bad bad idea... (they should just have given you a small filling) ?


If anyone can recommend a good dental insurance provider, that would be mucho appreciato!


In return I can offer the wonderful advice of suggesting that you go to your dentist for a check-up every 6 months ;)


(*** mod edit - revised topic slightly ;) ***)

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Dentists are the modern day equivalent o bandits!


I went to a practioner up the road fae me when living in Slateford, Edinburgh and enquired about "getting a replacement filling". A month later I was "in da chair" and ended up being dunted for £70 od quid for initial scope o me gob and a dodgy filling.


I was mad as hell and said .. "look I just wanted a filling" and got some stoness about they could only give me a filling if I was on their books etc etc ... peeish.... and that's the only reason they gave me a filling (though they'd done the damn work first!!) ! This was contrary to any sort of dental work I'd ever got in Aberdeen - whereby they would shore up me cake hole with patch work quite the thing! NHS dentist too! The thing plopped oot in a bun chewing scenario several months later...........


Anyhow ... I said "bah! to the lot of you" and hadn't been to a dentist in like 4/5 years until recently whereby I ended up in the biggest shower o cnuts dentist ever on Lothian road, embra, called "City Health Clinic" DO NOT go there!!. Ahm talkin expensive plebs too ..... an got dunted for a three figure sum on various wirk here daer an everywhere!


"plop" .. "plop" ... Oooh ders anidder een faain oot! "plop"... So I go back and say .. "hey .. whit's whit.. eh?". ... . and it's apperently a case o my teeth rubbin against the fillings *cough* and that's why *cough* they're faaing oot. The way around that is to "chisel down" the teeth that are effecting the fillings with some sort of grinding sandpapery pneumatic industrial pumping grinding machine!!.... "YEAH RIGHT!... git it up you!" Thing was they would replace the fillings ... but charge me for the leveling of my other teeth - which by the way are about the only ones in my head with no fillings in them!! .. "I doooo not think sooo" ....


Got me a good dentist now!.... tells you straight and thats the work you pay for!

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Yeah your right trout, there are some real bandits oot yunder, one local dentist was a good example, whilst attending the practice for a sore tooth said dentist took x-rays and had a scrape around to tell me well sir it'll be £380 pounds to MAYBE SUCCESSFULLY! save the tooth or £48 to take it out, to which I replied best get d pliers dan billy cos there no tooth o mine worth £380 quid, I widna care but he left a quarter o da tooth in me jaw which I spent the rest o the week trying to get out!, any chance o a discount for a shoddy job? no bliddy likely, the fellow at montfield though did a good job 3 visits and my tooth was saved also with the minimum of pain which is allways a bonus whan visiting dentists :)

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