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The sky at night (meteors, Iridium flares, the moon)


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{According to my chart...} Wednesday 15th June Full Moon 20.14

Total Lunar Eclipse 20.12


"This lunar eclipse can be seen in its entirety from western China, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Arabia and the eastern half of Africa. Fortunately, about half of the eclipse is visible from parts of the United Kingdom. For most UK observers, the Moon rises close to mid-eclipse when the Moon is already totally eclipsed. However, for observers in Scotland and north-west Ireland, north of a line from Fraserburgh to Londonderry, the Moon will rise after totality has ended and only the partial and penumbral phases of the latter stages of the eclipse will be visible."




According to: http://www.good-stuff.co.uk/suntimes/

Moon rises: 22:17

Moon sets: 03:02 for postcode ZE2

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"Forthcoming {partial} solar eclipse: 1st July 2011


As well as the lunar eclipse on the 15th of this month, there's another solar eclipse coming on 1st July (we just had one on 1st June) . This forthcoming one is the birth of a new series of eclipses. An eclipse series lasts for over 1000 years (yes, you read that right).


In the area around Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia the sun and moon will be directly overhead at the time of the peak of the eclipse, although the people located there won't actually see the eclipse itself (the eclipse is only visible from the sea near the south pole, southwards from Africa)."



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I forgot!!


"Perseid annual meteor shower puts on celestial display"





"full moon will come on August 13, a peak morning for the Perseids. But – between now and then – we have a window for watching meteors in a dark sky after midnight and before dawn."


another site said from 11pm & onwards? Just spotted the Full Moon due East of here!

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