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The sky at night (meteors, Iridium flares, the moon)


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Hmm, I clicked it onto the Europe part and if the red horizontal line is the mark then we're just above it. According to the website "A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetic field around noon Universal Time on Sept. 26th" and it says "Sky watchers at the highest latitudes should remain alert for auroras as Earth's magnetic field continues to reverberate from the CME impact"



I'm certainly keeping a look out tonight!.

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Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:27 pm


Honda and Levy are SHORT period comets.

So no danger of big charges there.

And Levy is at a forbidding inclination, so no alignments with the planets there.


Elenin is hyperbolic orbit and virtually on the ecliptic at 1.8 degrees.

This is why we have earthquakes and solar flares as "coincidences" when it aligns.

The coincidences speak for themselves.


Truth/ 8)

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Perhaps you could explain why a comet in a hyperbolic orbit is more likely to cause solar flares and earthquakes, compared to a comet in, say, a parabolic or elliptical orbit.


(you'll have to pretend that it's an electric Universe for this bit and that comets are just asteroids that discharge plasma due to changes in their electrical environments; instead of the dirty snowball with outgassing ice model)


I can't see why a parabolic orbit wouldn't have much the same effect but I think what is being gotten at, is that Elenin will have a far greater negative charge built up, than those in elliptical orbits.

As a comet and the Sun try to balance out each others charge; the Sun is going to have the way upper hand if any damage is going to be dealt out.

CMEs tend to pop up a lot for the sun grazers, if they need it and these three body alignments, are starting to look more than just a little bit suspect in timings with CMEs, earthquakes and suchlike.


A good analogy I read was...


The Sun is connected to the planets via Birkeland currents. Any body travelling through the system that is not in charge balance with the Sun will also have a Birkeland cable acting as a conduit for charge-carrying matter.


Imagine a novelty plasma globe. Place two fingers apart, then draw them together- two plasma filaments become one. However, with the solar system, there is a big difference- the filaments do not come together as equals due to proximity to the Sun- one body (except for one brief moment in passing) is always going to be nearer or farther from the Sun than the other. This means that one body is going to accept a higher electrical stress as it momentarily passes through the other body's plasma filament upon orbital alignment. The nearer body will be forced to accept the electrical stress of it's own charge sheath as well as the other body's.


Don't cross the streams; seems to be the message.


Not that we've got much choice in it though.

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