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The sky at night (meteors, Iridium flares, the moon)


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My phone is going nuts has been all morning. Currently at 6Kp for Northern Lights, sort of strength you can expect to see them in the few bits of England where there isn't too much light pollution. If it were dark the whole sky might have been dancing =/ what's the likelihood of being able to see the sky tonight, and if we can will the strength be as good? NOT FAIR :'(

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There is a big solar flare on its way today. The downside is that it may be strong enough to disrupt communications.




Many storms are benign; this storm could enable skywatchers to see the northern lights from parts of the northern US and northern UK.


But the strongest storms can have other, more significant effects.


In 1972, a geomagnetic storm provoked by a solar flare knocked out long-distance telephone communication across the US state of Illinois.


And in 1989, another disturbance plunged six million people into darkness across the Canadian province of Quebec.


There are concerns over the potential communication problems for aircraft and disruption to GPS signals caused by current solar activity.

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