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The sky at night (meteors, Iridium flares, the moon)


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Saw mostly just a glow but with some flaring, this pic took 20 seconds so it shows quite a lot. I took other shots that were only 6 or 8 seconds when it was flaring quite brightly. If you get a really intense display it can be spectacular with the naked eye.

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I was out between 11 and 12 last night trying for some aurora pics. The long arc in the northern sky was very visible but there wasn't much in the way of activity at that point - the dancers wir restin :)


I would need to get myself a wider lens to pick up the full panorama.







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wid dat be a motionless windturbine on da last een ? :wink:


Nah - just a hydro pole dat I nivir noticed. :lol:


but....... on a full screen shot you can pick out the Viking Energy mast on the tap o Vats Houll. Not sure how many windmills would be along this skyline if the windfarm goes ahead - there is a fair old density of them pencilled in for the Maa Lochs/Scallafield area.

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