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The sky at night (meteors, Iridium flares, the moon)


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No fairly night, but late enoch ta be caad night onywhaur else :D


Taen fae da Hill o Weisdale da streen, lookin Waast ower St Magnus' Bay as da sun gied doon......




anidder efter it wis gone.......




an anidder later still wi da moon ower Foula.




Fine night tae be oot wi. Maks you affil blyde tae be whaur you ir.

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"Astrobiology – The Search For Life Beyond the Earth"


A Lecture by Professor Charles Cockell –

University of Edinburgh


At Shetland Museum and Archive

–Saturday 1st Sep 2012 at 7.30pm


Pre-booking advisable. Telephone 01595 695057


Tickets £5; free admission to Shetland Astronomical Society members, under 18s and OAPs



Sounds good!!







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