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The sky at night (meteors, Iridium flares, the moon)


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More on Prof. Charles Cockell:


"... his brief political career as parliamentary candidate for the Forward to Mars Party in 1992 and the human exploration of Mars..."

http://www8.open.ac.uk/platform/your-subject/science?page=6 - Open University website.



Wikipaedia says:

"In 1992 Cockell stood as parliamentary candidate for the Forward to Mars Party against incumbent Prime Minister John Major (Huntingdon (UK Parliament constituency). The party advocated the increased involvement of Britain in the exploration of Mars, the European Space Agency's human exploration programme and the construction of a station on Mars. The party received 91 votes in the election."


What a guy!!

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Draconid meteor shower


"The radiant point for the Draconid meteor shower almost coincides with the head of the constellation Draco the Dragon in the northern sky. That’s why the Draconids are best viewed from the Northern Hemisphere.


The Draconid shower is a real oddity, in that the radiant point stands highest in the sky as darkness falls. Unlike many meteor showers, the Draconids are more likely to fly in the evening hours than in the morning hours after midnight.


This shower is usually a sleeper, producing only a handful of languid meteors per hour in most years.

But watch out if the Dragon awakes! In rare instances, fiery Draco has been known to spew forth many hundreds of meteors in a single hour.


With no moon to interfere during the evening hours, try watching at nightfall and early evening on October 7 and 8."


from Earthsky.org



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Anybody catch the display between around 10pm last night?

Didn't seem to last long then fell right away to just the normal background glow.











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