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Entertain Your Offspring Cheaply

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I just got in from a wander across the town and whilst out there I noticed a way to entertain youngsters cheaply. No need to waste your money on expensive games systems or entertainment centres.


Two girls of around 10 years old were wandering along North Lochside when they noticed a road sign warning of the roadworks. One dragged off the sand bag stabilising it and kicked it over.


At the top of Bells Brae another 5 young specimens were wandering along, probably 13 or so years old and one of them kicked down the road sign for the roadworks there.


So, for cheaper entertainment have the SIC dig a hole outside your home and send out your young to kick the signs over. If someone drives into the unlit and unsigned roadworks we will just have to put that down to experience.


I expect that they would have known their rights though had I have pointed out how moronic their behaviour looks though :roll:

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