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Ooooh, I bet I keen wha du is! Du's yin counciller fae Lerwick dats campaighning to have all fun and sense of community banned in public places. Am I right? :wink:


Also, you should check out the other topics if you want something "proper" to get your teeth into..... theres plenty of it!

And you should register as weel, it makes it much easier tae have a linear conversation if you keen wha you're speakin tae. :wink:

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What is this supposed to be, a proper discussion forum or just a little pals network?


It's an online community.


Part of the function of this community is to provide an open forum for serious debate. Have a look at the "Shetland News" or "National and International News" forums and you'll find plenty of heavyweight material.


Another function of this community (as with any community), however, is to provide support and networking through more lighthearted discourse. Hence the forum you just posted in: "Anything and Everything Else".


Did you read the sign over the door before you came in?


If you've got a problem with people not wanting to be dour and serious every second of the day, I suggest not wasting our time and your own with needless cynicism and maybe trying something more constructive, like starting a thread in the "History" forum called "I'm a curmudgeonly old git, any others want to have a whinge with me?"

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I just read this thread from top to bottom and it made me smile- esp the last few posts. It's like the worlds most amicable flame war!


A: Die!

B: Bring it on!

A: Eat lead you son of a bitch!

B: That's not a very nice thing to say about my mother

A: You're right, that was uncalled for. I'm sorry.

B: It's okay, I'm sure you didn't mean it.

A: I honestly didn't. Cup of tea?

B: That'd be lovely, ta!


PS - Happy belated b'day McFly

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