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What the paper said this week....

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It would be pretty inappropriate if they adopted a sensationalist approach!


Though very funny, a literary SIBC :wink: alledgedly!


I always thought that a little bit of sensationalism would be an improvement to the shetland times!


No more headlines about EU fish policy. Instead they could bump up the juicer stories that are usually reserved for the mid-pages - you know the ones : less than 50 words, usually about the antics of someone you went to school or work with and always ending in "A report is being sent to the procurate of fiscal" :D

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Guest Anonymous

I recon they should put the court reports all in one place in a ShetlandWeekly sytlee - they are finished so why not steal some of the good ideas they had! I was hoping to see an improvement in the quality of the ST articles over the summer as I would expect they will be picking up one or two of the summer students that the Post/Weekly used to get.

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