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2008 - Shetland Fitba


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Weel as far as i can see the unst buura thing is a good idea.


people go on aboot why don't unst just join we yell, but as far as i can see unst irna joining we unybody, its just as they say a affiliated club agreement. unst can get some burra players for a few away games if the players want to play. And burra can get some unst boys for example the boys that are resident in the toon. i.e the hostel boys


it just that simple I think...

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The situation involving Burra and Unst seemed strange on first inspection but it looks to me like Burra are going to aid Unst for the first couple of months of the season, whilst also concentrating on their team. A merger between these two teams would not really make much sense.

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Bunst, Unstra, Bust, or the teams formerly known as Burra and Unst took their first step towards working together today as they fielded a joint squad in a indoor friendly tournament in Lerwick final standings have yet to be confirmed but they gave their chances of providing a solid base for working in co-operation with each other next season a good start with solid perfomances in their games.

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Now Now Digby, I would have thought you would have got your facts straight on the subject before commenting so frankly??


I think you have been out drinking with Yell men??????


Yell have made no approach to Unst about N.Rovers or vice-versa. The biggest supporters of N.Rovers are those who spend more time in the pub than on the fitba pitch.


N.Rovers is a definite possibilty for the future but only if the players involved want it. It will be interesting to see if Unst were to propose N.Rovers if the "short shift" would come? if so, that would be very hypicritical if in fact there is such widespread support for an amalgamation.


If the two Clubs held official discussion rather than over pints of lager in the lounge it could happen. It is a democracy afterall.


Oh, there was no Unst EGM as the SFA AGM proposal was to allow Unst/Burra if they so wish. Nobody said it would definately happen. Unst will actually be the A team while Burra will be the B team. This is purely a possibility for the Seniors, ie, does not affect N.R's.


Maybe if you bought me the pint you would have known the facts???

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I admit that i don't know the exact facts about Unst and Burra joining, however I believe it is only for this season as Unst will struggle for the first few weeks before students return home. Burra dropping down to the B-League means their more dedicated players who are of A-League standard still get to play at their level of football, whilst the other players from Burra are sill able to get a game in the B-League. Thus it should allow more players in these 2 communities to get regular games at the level that suits their ability.

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Simple fact was Digby that the association would not let Burra go into the B's as a stand alone team, the only way they would consider it was if the clubs amalgamated which they gave permission for, if the two clubs decided to go ahead, if it does not work then Burra will not be playing in the B league next year, and you will find unless the majority of the SFA teams and committee change their mind then Unst will not be allowed to enter the B league on their own in the future, so unless you and yell can come to terms on Northern rovers its Bunst or bust this by the look of it?

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Of course there will be an Unst AGM this year where this topic will be discussed. If you care enough to discuss it at the AGM rather than in the lounge than you can influence the decision of the players and members of Unst FA.


It is not a done deal!!


Burra will also have to officially except any co-operation between the two sides.


As for "the team comes before the players". Thats all very well but we are in the A'League because of the players and that was a decision which you supported.


The Unst based players which I have heard about are in favour of it as they have more chance of playing fitba. All the games will be away for them but they would prefer to play B's for Burra and a Sub for the A side.


As for joining the B-league, I shouldn't have to tell you that it is not permitted for a club to enter a B-side only, HENCE Burra enter the b's as Unst's B side.


Simple really!!


And I assume you will be putting yourself forward to manage a Northern Rovers side, A's or B's since you clearly are in favour at this time.


I think not!!!


As I said before, the only proposal for Northern Rovers at senior level is at the bottom of your pint glass!!! Don't get me wrong, if a sensible proposal came to light UnstFA WOULD put it to the vote.


And Alan Hansen is a Chump!!!

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