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2008 - Shetland Fitba


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A football team would be the best kind.


Anyway spencey, does that mean you are happy to see Unst and Burra work together to keep their clubs going?


IMO it's ok if it can work for a few seasons. No matter the geographical anomaly mentioned in Da Times, Mr Laurenson almost has me believing it's the best solution. The only thing I wonder is why Unst asked Burra to help them out and not Yell. My conclusion is that Yell will not be struggling for players next season unlike Unst and Burra. Maybe you can confirm that for me spencey?

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I was against this proposal at the start.


But after hearing the true facts about it from various people , I have decided to back it .


It means that the league goes to 10 which is better then the 11 last year.


It means that Burra and Unst can both get teams, this will mean that football will survive in both areas.


Unst will keep their home games at Baltasound.


There will be problems with travel but Unst is used to that!


It will mean a lot of comitment from both Unst and Burra but I am sure they would not get involved if they were not comited.

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It needna be ironic wheesht if you think aboot it logically, it can be seen as practical. (there isna facilities in burra and this is midway between lerwick and burra, where the players will come from)


There is also training in Unst on a friday, this leads there to be training for all the shetland based players. 8)


its good to see the players are making an effort

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I hear a rumour that Cunningsburgh and Unst may strike up a deal in the womens fitba. Maybe Spurs/Delting or Whalsay/Rangers could strike up a co-operation. It would be worth it just for the possible names. "Unstra" would be boring in comparision!!!


Just have to hope they'll still be making the effort come June.

If they don't maybe they could drop into the B'League the following season?? Contraversial!!


Maybe an alternative league is looking more likely. I hear the Scottish FA is imposing additional costs to clubs for player insurance. This is compulsary. I wonder if the works league teams have to pay this?? Anyone know?

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