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2008 - Shetland Fitba


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It would depend on what the referee cited the player in question for when he sent in the report to the disciplinary secretary of the Works League he would have had to state what offence the red card was for.


The fixed penalties are as follows :


Fixed Penalties for Standard Offences


Offence Suspension

Serious Foul Play 2 games

Violent Conduct - Adopting a threatening or aggressive attitude 3 games

Stamping on an opponent 8 games

Attempting to punch an opponent 3 games

Attempting to kick an opponent 3 games

Pushing an opponent 3 games

Attempting to strike an opponent 3 games

Elbowing opponent in face 8 games

Elbowing opponent on body 4 games

Kicking and punching opponent 8 games

Grabbing opponent by throat 6 games

Denies a goal or goalscoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball 1 game

Denies a goal or goalscoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards a player's goal by an offence punishable by a free kick or penalty kick 1 game

Offensive, insulting or abusive language 2 games

Offensive, insulting or abusive language towards the referee 3 games

Receiving a second caution in the same match 1 game


the other offences are things like dangerous play, persistant fouling etc.


For getting a straight red the player would just receive a 1 match ban unless the referees report had indicated otherwise. You have stated there was no malice in the challenge and it was a 50/50 ball, so callling for a three match ban after just stating it was an accident and not ment seems a strange stance?

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:shock: crisis club???? cant see a crisis unfolding after one defeat. Remenber delting drew with yell last year and still were comfortable league winners. It would do no harm to the league if it was abit closer and its good to see the smaller teams competing!
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Hi Deardron,


They play for their own Championships, there are three senior Associations the Shetland Football Association, The Shetland Works League Association and the Parish Cup Association. Who all cover the Adult mens game in Shetland. The only competition at present the shetland teams can enter is the Highland Amateur Cup, which is run by the governing body for amateur football in Scotland the Scottish Amateur Football Association.


Look at




for more detailed info on Shetland football


and goto :



for more on Scottish footballs set-up

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Any one calling for a player to be given a lenghty ban just because he has broken a players leg can only be classed as an idiot.


It's all down to what the ref wants, if the ref puts in a report wanting futher action the player gets a further ban. In this case the ref told me he sent the player of because the player had broken his leg just to be on the safe side but he also said the tackle didn't initially look that bad. There was another qualified ref on the sidelines who told me he thought the red card was harsh.


Yes it was a strong tackle but the following week playing cosmos I saw players commit far worse challenges and not get a ban.


The fact you think a serious injury should result in an automatic ban is ridiculous. The person wrestling with Larson when he broke his leg didn't even commit a foul but Larson was still out for months. I know when I injured my knee the tackle that did it wasn't even a foul but still saw me out of Football for a year.


Injuries are an unfortunate part of Football and while reckless and dangerous players must be banned you can't just ban players for other players injuries.

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