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2008 - Shetland Fitba


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Season seems to going well this year. Some clubs seem to have a few breaks in fixtures but I think thats down to the good early season weather which meant there were no postponed fixtures due to waterlogged pitches.


Its good that the cups have been more competitive, its no good in any sport when you get a dominating team. Delting will win the league and because they set a high standard any one who takes it off them will need to be very consistant, very good and will need some luck.

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Here it is folks the 2008 County shield draw.


Monday 11th August Prelim Round Whalsay v Mossbank

Harbison Park





Spurs v Yell Gilbertson





Celtic v Unst Seafield





Thistle v West Linga Clickimin South




Monday 18th August Quarter Finals Thistle/West

Linga v Whalsay/Mossbank Lerwick/Harbison Park





Celtic/Unst v Ness Utd Lerwick/Baltasound





Scalloway v Delting Fraser Park





Spurs/Yell v Whitedale Lerwick/Mid Yell




Monday 25th August Semi Finals Scy/Delting v

Thist/W Linga/Whal/Mossba Fraser Park/Brae





Celtic/Unst/Ness v Spurs/Yell/Whitedale Lerwick/Unst/Boddam




Saturday 30th August Final Gilbertson

3.00pm Kick off.





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What do other clubs think of this years season so far? Is there things they would like to change or are their things that could be done better?


We certainly seem to have had a lot of free weeks - more so than in previous (and even island games) years and i think we'll end up with having a fair few games in August and September that we weren't expecting but hopefully the weather will hold up and September won't be a problem.


What i would like to see (and i think i mentioned it in a forum post previously) is one of the Cups made playable for the non-county players.


This year has seen our fixtures taking week long breaks due to County fixtures which is fine for them thats involved but for the rest of us it's a bit of a pain in the ass - a one off v's Orkney is fine we're used to that but if our association are going to organise trips to play Highland opposition every Summer then let's cater for the mere mortals while the elites are doing their own thing.


Have a cup competition that runs on a friday night whilst the county are away?

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It certainly seems to be a bone of contention for some teams the gaps in the playing season due to County select operations. I think we need to look at how the domestic competitions and the County program can work to each others benefit.


I think you need to have the kind of ambition that the Association has with its County select team, that way your best players have the kind of competiton to test them and through that the standard of play can only improve. But if you begin to constrict your domestic competitions eventually the conveyor of talent will dry up and the goal of producing good county sides will turn sour as the raw materials will not be of a good enough standard.


We have a short enough playing season as it is, and weather ways this season has been kind but we still look to be having fixture congestion? The county shield final on the 30th of August looks like it may have to be moved due to Shetland playing the Western Isles on the 29th. Most teams have reserve sides and surely the reason behind it is to provide players to strengthen your A side in times of need.


It can be done, this last week Delting played Thistle on Friday beating them 4-3 in the premier league, on Saturday they beat Unst 4-1 in the Parish Cup Semi-final and then on Monday the beat Whitedale again in the premier league, 3 games in 4 days victorious in all 3 by using the combined pool of both their squads I dont see why the rest cant do it.

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The Shetland games should not have been a problem as they were known about along time ago. They were to many game not getting played at the start of the season which were left for cancelled games which were not required. They could have had games on the Tuesday after the county and had teams with no Shetland players playing when Shetland are. It would mean a constant change in fixtures but better that than a back log. Every team should have a game on a Friday and Monday unless uneven teams in the league or if they are out off the cup. If two teams were out of a cup and due to play in the league they could play there League game rather than have a night off then have to fit it in later in the season. I don't know if Unst could play games during the week or not I think there were a couple of teams that went up on a week day last season so It can be done. I don't know if this would help the fixtures or Unst any but it would keep the games in line on a Friday and Monday and Cup Finals on Saturday(I know they are on Saturday for a reason and not good when playing Whalsay).


One of the cups to be played when the Shetland team are away takes the meaning out of the cup they did it a good few seasons ago when Shetland were on Island games duty and I don't think it was the answer. Some teams have more players in the Shetland Squad than others and the players that are in the squad and not getting a game might want to stay home and play football for there club rather than maybe get a game for Shetland.

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Heard on Radio Shetland tonight that the County Shield Final is on a Saturday 13 hours after the Shetland game.


Is most of the Shetland side not made up of these two teams and you ask them to do there best for Shetland then expect them to turn out and do there bit for there club. I think this is way to much to ask players to do they will also I would expect have games on a Monday night 3 games in 4 days.


The quality of football in the Cup Final will not be as it should be with the best players in both side having played the night before.

If Celtic have 4 playing and Delting 1 or 2 then it will not be fair on Celtic.

Or if Delting has 6 playing to Celtic's 1 or 2 it will not favour Delting.

There is also the tightrope of injuries.


As I have said before these Shetland games have been public knowledge for a long time but they still can't seem to be able to work around them for the good of football.


The Final of any Shetland Association Cup should be a Highlight in the season for teams to look forward to and not have to play second fiddle to a friendly.


The Western Isles game is also important for the Shetland team but I think something better could have been arranged to accommodate the two.

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The Shetland Recreational Trust (Maurice Haining) and Shetland Islands Council (Magnus Malcolmson) refuse to allow an extension of the season (even for one game) - stating the Shetland Football Assoc. know the timescale parameters at the beginning of the season. However, having spoken to some players in the squad, they are unhappy to be put in this position.


The game against the Western Isles was organised by Bob Kerr who works in the same department as Magnus Jobsworth. How ironic it would be if the 10 Delting and Celtic players chosen for the game withdrew and made Bobs game meaningless. This is a major own goal by the S.I.C. Recreation section and will reflect badly on Shetland Foootball.


I wonder what John Johnson is thinking about this latest P.R. disaster?

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