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2008 - Shetland Fitba


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I would imagine that it wouldn't suit Celtic as their better players are away soon, and any manager who is worth his salt will want to field his strongest team. Shift the County Shield final to next Wednesday, and move the Bloomfield Cup games to this Saturday unless the teams have any objection that way they all get played.


Next year though the Association e.g its (member clubs) have to decide how they manage the ambition to field a SELECT squad in the Island games and the Challenge cup, if it comes to be that there are great gaps in the playing season then clubs without players in the County select will have to have a competition to play whilst these events are on.


I personally think its good that the Association has ambition to move the standard of football forward, but if it continues to constrict the club competition you may well find that the clubs drift to a competition where their is regular football.

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To play the Western Isles on the Friday and then insist that the County Shield ginal goes ahead on the Saturday is surely one of the most rediculous decisions i've heard for a while.


When you look at the players from both teams who will be involved clearly it will be a bigger disadvantage to Delting.


Maybe we could see a list of call-offs coming up for this friendly as per international friendlies which maybe wouldn't be a bad thing as then a Shetland team without Delting and Celtic players whilst it would be significantly weaker could also lull Western Isles into a false sense of how "poor" Shetlands team is ahead of next years island games where we could take them by surprise!!


Just an idea (surprised nobody else thought of that)?!?!?

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Seems the Lewis and harris FA have a cup final on tomorrow as well, and it seems that they are going to go ahead with it, i wonder how many Lochs and Ness players are in the Western Isles squad that travelled up for the game tonight?


Also in the Stornoway Gazette is a piece on how work committments etc have prevented a full strength squad travelling to Shetland? Is it work or is the Cup final tomorrow the pressing engagement?


Or is it all propoganda trying to lull the boys into a false sense of security, to many theories not enough time in the day, I wonder what Kirsty will make of it all? :roll:


Co-op Cup final article.



Western Isles select article.


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Just seemed to be a similar situation that you were going on about after claiming to have had the ear of some of the County squad. Association and other bodies keen for the select game to go ahead, and then seeing a Cup-final scheduled the next day.


Thought maybe you'd been at work in the Western Isles as a fifth columnist, after having cut your teeth at the rumour mill here.

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