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2008 - Shetland Fitba


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Scalloway will have an U-18's team next season and it is hoped all those who had to play/train with, Ness and other teams in the last year will be keen to come back. Scalloway now has a full set of junior teams again and numbers are very good in all age groups from U-8 up. The U-18 team will help strengthen the B team as well.

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Sorry to go back to an earlier comment people but I was wanting to speak about the Player of the Year.


Surely a Delting player will lift the trophy! Unbeaten league campaign, all the trophies bar one. They even had the top goalscorer. Yes they have a monopoly on better players but can anyone outside Delting be seriously considered. Sure there'll be the usual amatuer-pundit crap getting spouted but I'm sure there can't be any surprises.


I suppose all will be revealed over the weekend. Is it on Friday or Saturday night? Hopefully if anyone is at it they can post the results of the awards.

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Would Scalloway really benefit if they incorporated Burra?


I can think of only two Burra players who would improve their first team. John-William Halcrow and Kevin Smith. But I think Kevin is going to Ness Utd next year which will be great for Ness,not so good for Burra, he has been one of their best if not thee best player for Burra over the last three years.


The Scalloway bench may improve with the likes of Russell Gair, Iain Hannah, Scott Uren and Adam Johnson but would they want to sit and watch at their age. And what about the other three or four Burra lads, would they get B teams games ahead of the Scalloway boys. I don't think it.


I see in the paper some of the games have not been played. I think 11 teams is one too many, even if we played league or cup games when the County side is away.


Drewie Anderson is a great player but has not played all year for Burra.


Anyone know what was said at the meeting last night regarding the bottom four.

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Im no sure what was said as wir manager didn't make the meeting, all I ken is that Ness are fielding an A team, and hope to get a B team sorted, and I think that your right B.C Benvie Kevin pundie was at Ness training on wednesday and he is going to play for us next year.


I think that drewie was one of the players that stopped playing along with a few others when Burra were made to go up, it would be a good boost for Burra if he was to return if they do get to play in the B's next year.

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