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I think it would be good to get an idea of what funny things people have done or would like to do.


For example, I once went into a shop picked up a sweetie and stood staring at the girl for about 30secs smiling all the while then I declared "I've got new socks on." You had to be there.


Another one (which I haven't done but want to) is go into a hotel and wait for the receptionist to attend to me then ring the and pretend like the receptionist isn't there, obviously humming and ha-ing all the time, muttering things like "Wheres the receptionist"

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If you are ever on a trip with a group of friends and staying in caravans each night after dark go for a walk with a loaf, and toss a few slices on the top of each of your friends caravans, at dawn each morning some gulls will notice the slices and proceed to make all hell o noise and get them out of bed nice and early, to enjoy the new and wonderful day.


Note: Some people think this is a bad thing, but don't be disheartened, you are really increasing their enjoyment of their holiday

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I applied for a job as a bra fitter once. That raised some smiles in the Job Centre in Sussex. I thought that I would be particularly suited to the job and it would keep my hands warm all winter. I would have worked for not much at all, which is what I do at the moment and see absolutely no t*ts at all :lol:

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