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Sellotape has non-feline uses too. When I was at school, we used to bring our own snacks to sustain us during school play rehearsals in the main hall after school. One year, somebody taped a spare shellfish to an inaccessible area inside one of the radiators.


Morning assemblies got quite short for several months afterwards. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Pick a random number from Shetland Directory (the more remote the funnier usually). Phone it up, don't introduce yourself, and ask if you can borrow a pint of milk, or a loaf of bread, or a hammer or something. It's really funny, most people say yes - Burra and Walls folk were particulalr accomodating.


Also, phone random SIC numbers and ask for taxis, sausage suppers (this is funny in sandwich shops too), chinese takeaways etc...


When on the bus in the city or somewhere wave or stick the fingers up at random folk going by.


Pulling faces in Lectures and meetings is quite funny too.

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Guest Anonymous

There's another good one for buses. You get on, there's only one other person on the bus. So you go and sit right next to them ... doesn't half put them on edge :)


zach galifianakis (a stand up comic) says he likes to go to turdty movies in their 6th week at the cinema when theres only one person in the whole cinema. then he goes and sits right beside them. when they say "what are you doing?" he goes "shh.. i cant hear keanu" :D


the webcomic (and genius that is) XKCD has a couple episodes about his favourite hobbies... this one is quite good:




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