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Peak Oil Production & the journey down to empty?

Are you worried about oil running out ?  

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  1. 1. Are you worried about oil running out ?

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    • no

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I'm not much cop at posting links and I don't have the stuff to hand so you will have to wait till I am home again . or you could look it up on the internet. try looking for records of sun spot activity and tempreture graphs on a global scale.


I did and found the following:




According to the above study ( published July 2007 ), over the last 20 years, solar output has been declining while global temperatures have been rising.


When i turn on my ac it takes a few minutes to have any effect an thats just in a peerie room. temps globally will obviously lag behind in the same way but over a much greater time scale

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Oh yeah i voted no we all know its running out so why uppset yorself by worrying

I thought "worried" was a strange term to use in the poll question. I'm not worried about as such i.e. I don't lay awake at night at the fear of oil running our. I flexed the little bit of grey matter I posses and arrived at the executive decision that "concerned" was perhaps what droilker really meant and voted accordingly. Are you concerned sheepshagger?


I'd get that keyboard of yours seen to. It keeps capitalising "mental" every time you write "environmentalist". It gives the impression you're about 7 years old :wink:

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I've never heard this theory before, that enVIROmentaliSTs are funding climate research in order to reap the financial benefits for themselves and their devious, er, shareholders...hmmm. Call me naive, but I suspect it might be untrue.

ENviRonMeNTalisTs tend to be people who care about the environment after all. Climate change is slightly inconvenient for them in that it means they are distracted from their real work of saving pandas.

I suspect the reason environMENtaLISTS want us to believe in climate change is that it's true. And quite important.

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OK I picked a few of the largest off the top of my head, these are their incomes from their annual reports:

  • [*:70ac40bd5e]£5.8m - UK Soil association
    [*:70ac40bd5e]£182m - WWF
    [*:70ac40bd5e]£88m - RSPB
    [*:70ac40bd5e]£5.1m - Friends of the Earth
    [*:70ac40bd5e]£85.5m - Greenpeace international


These are large figures if you want to buy a house but they don't really come near the billions that you predicted, and when you see that BP spends £4,405m on refining and marketing alone plus the weight they have because of the major part they play in the economy of this country, it makes it very difficult to draw a comparison.


PS: Thank you for showing us that environmental has 'mental' in it, it also has an 'n' before the 'm', and the mental doesn't need to be capitalised unless you have run out of reasoned arguments!

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everybody is swayed by their own beliefs no side is completely correct


I think you must have mistaken environmental scientists for priests. Scientists do not act on their "beliefs", they act on the evidence, which is gathered by measuring things. When you measure something with a ruler, do you adjust the measurement according to your beliefs? :roll:

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Ok demascus thats over 300 million in the uk alone for a few enviroNmental charities, multiply that by france germany italy usa etc. Like I said billions of pounds. now go and see what the executives in all these charities pay themselves in salaries and expenses. who's being blinkered?

how much of the money raised actually goes to the cause you think it is for?

I first became very sceptical about all these do gooders when I found myself eating rice I had already paid for by donating money to band aid, save the children, oxfam etc.

most of the food aid sent to africa by well meaning people ends up in the middle eastern supermarkets after being traded for guns, and now the same folk that wanted us to feed the world want us to give even more of our hard earned cash to save it.

when I find i've been duped once i am loathed to be duped again.

and as for scientists acting on their beliefs studies have shown that they will invariably find the results that their sponsors are looking for

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Guest Anonymous

I get the feeling from the way the debate is moving that we are aware that peak oil and its associated problems may soon reach levels that we shall all become acutely aware of , we also all seem to agree that the levels of waste that are currently practised ( especialy the shrink wrapped neaps ) is atrocious .

There does seem to be a difference of opinion about the role scientists and the green peacers play and thats fair enough .

I have spent all my working life in jobs the average greener would frown upon but i still think there is a role from them to play , but it has to be government and those that sit at the head table in industry that they hold to account for the good of the people.

I suppose the poll should have really read :- Are you prepared for peak oil and the journey down to empty - yes or no ?

And the truth is probably mostly no , and in most cases blissfully unaware that there could ever be a problem due to oil shortages.

That is especially so when you take a look at all the lovely new mini mansions built all over shetland , a large percentage are oil heated and most are fitted with the latest high tech burning units and dont even have a traditional fireplace and chimney that could be used when they cana afford or are not allowed to fill the tank any mair.

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I am still dubious about the billions figure sheepshagger, and I am aware of the goings on in charities having worked for some, but I agree with droilker that they have an important role to play that I would encourage them to do, I have found my view of the problems we face are even worse then their predictions.


As for aid it is a quite a different thing from environmental charities, and I agree with the abuses going on with regard to aid distribution, aid can de a disaterous thing to give to country because of the effect it has on local food production.


True, there can never be true objectivity, but I would rather listen to a scientist who is working for an organisation who's mandate is social or environmental as apposed to market share and bottom line.


droliker you can still change the wording of the poll if you wish (I think you edit the original post?)


Does anyone here perceive having oil shortages in their lifetime?


Have you done anything to cope with it if it happens?

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when I find i've been duped once i am loathed to be duped again.

and as for scientists acting on their beliefs studies have shown that they will invariably find the results that their sponsors are looking for

But as those studies were also conducted by scientists, how can you rely on their results ?

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I can't let this pass...

and as for scientists acting on their beliefs studies have shown that they will invariably find the results that their sponsors are looking for


This statement is bullsh*t!


Please post links to these studies which brand ALL scientists as liars, only interested in money. If you knew the first thing about science and the scientific method you would know that it wouldn't work if it was done this way. The fact that I am typing this on a computer designed on principles discovered and described by scientists proves you wrong.


You are starting to sound like a creationist: "It's only a theory". Do you belong to the flat earth society as well? :roll:

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