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Shetland Fitba Strip!


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Peerie Moots I need Help.


Can someone please tell me war aboots you can buy the Shetland Football Strip and the Blue Shetland Football Jackets aswell??


The reason I ask is my peerie cousin would lik a Shetland Football Strip for his birthday so im trying me best to find him wan!


Im also looking for the jackets!







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I'm guessing that you already tried Intersport (01595 694959). Other than this I can only suggest that the Recreational Trust (01595 741000) might have some info.


Other, more sportingly enlightened folks here, may have more useful suggestions for you.


Good luck!

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Awww thats a real shame.


I totally agree Intersport and Shetland FA would make enough money of the strip to have it worth while.


Ohh well better get my thinking cap on AGAIN lol


Thanks for all those who contributed



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The new Shetland strip is being launched on June 7th and will be available from Intersport in Lerwick.


Just so all you football strip manufacturer anoraks out there know, it's being made by Pro-Star!


No details on how it will look yet, but I'm guessing it will be mainly blue. :D

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