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Malachy Tallack touring Englandshire


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I will be touring various English venues in October as support for Runrig. Please come along if you happen to be in Englandshire at the time.


The dates are as follows - booking details can be found at www.runrig.co.uk/tour.html


03/10/2007 GRAND OPERA HOUSE York

04/10/2007 OCTAGON Sheffield

05/10/2007 CITY HALL Newcastle

06/10/2007 KING GEORGES HALL Blackburn

08/10/2007 ROYAL CENTRE Nottingham

10/10/2007 GUILDHALL Preston

11/10/2007 CIVIC HALL Wolverhampton

12/10/2007 UEA Norwich

13/10/2007 REGENT THEATRE Ipswich

15/10/2007 PAVILION Plymouth

16/10/2007 DERNGATE Northampton

17/10/2007 LEISURE CENTRE Gloucester

18/10/2007 COLSTON HALL Bristol

19/10/2007 GUILDHALL Southampton

20/10/2007 THE ANVIL Baisingstoke

22/10/2007 CORN EXCHANGE Cambridge


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No, unfortunately not this time. Half the gigs will be solo and the other (latter) half will be me and Steven (Laurenson).


Hi Malachy,


I'm very interested in seeing you at Wolverhampton, as it is only a hour down the road from me; will you be playing with Steven Laurenson there ?


If you've time to kill, you'd be welcome to call in for a meal and a drink. It would be great to talk to someone from Fair Isle; many of my ancestors were from there - in particular Gaila and Springfield.


It's a shame my parents have just sold their pub; your music would be very popular there. IF you are ever down here again, I'm sure that the new owners would be interested in booking you. We had Aly & Phil back for the 3rd time in April. If you ever see Aly, ask him about the times he's played at The Last Inn - I'm sure that he'd recommend it to you.

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