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New hospital brainwave


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Any thoughts on our Cecil Eunsons' brainwave to spend £50 million of the charitable trust funds on a new hospital at the Ness of Sound. We was going on about public - private initiatives etc on the radio tonight?


Usually these PPE initiatives come after the NHS have invited interested parties to become involved in the provision of a new hospital etc, with the NHS renting the facility from a developer.


Not here it seems. We wil chuck £50 million after the new Cecil Eunson memorial hospital with the NHS sitting on their hands.


He also thought that spending 25% of the CT nest egg would have any impact on the fund whatsoever!!, and 'what better than providing a new hospital for future generations'.


Surely it is up to the future generations to decide that and not him!


Surely it is time to put old Mr Eunson out to graze at the Ness of Sound instead?

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It wasn't really clear to me that he was even proposing a public/private initiative for here. The reference to them was in relation to the situation south.


On top of that, he suggested the old hospital site could be used for a new Council headquarters at what cost? Another £50 million?

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I didn't hear what was said on the radio but I do have a few views on the topic at hand.


Why spend a hell of a lot of money doing up the current hospital when it might not meet the needs in a few years? Why not look at current and future running costs and see what it would cost to build a hospital somewhere with suitable space for parking and expansion if required?


The area out around the power station/Gremista has always looked like a good location to me. Enough room for a shiny new hospital with room for sufficient parking and a heli-pad. Right next to the main road, so the ambulance can go shooting off without maiming anybody while still being relatively accessible for everybody else.


I have no idea how funding for the building would be acquired, but with so many other willy nilly projects the council has on the go, it can't be a bad one to at least look into. A new hospital would benefit EVERYONE in the community, not just your sporty types, nor your musos, film buffs, or arty farty folks.


Would you rather have the ability to drive to Bressay whenever you want (weather permitting) or have the ridiculous amount of funding plunged into something that could benefit us all?


Would the £10 000 set aside to investigate whether we want Thistles on our signposts or not, be better off being used to investigate the possibility of a new hospital?


£3 million squid to a boat that doesn't want to come here, would that be better off invested in a hospital?


A realistic feasibility study into whether a new hospital would be beneficial to Shetland or not is surely as good a reason as any for the council to squander money. Note the word 'realistic'. I am not talking about gold-plated baths or pointless architectural 'design features'. I am talking about a simple, yet functional, built for the purpose design.


As for using the old hospital as new council headquarters...I think it is a brilliant idea. Spend no money on it though. The old beds could be converted into desks, the bed pans could be used as flower-pots, the sheets for scribbling down daft ideas on and the pillow-cases for wearing when they, inevitably, end up hanging their heads in shame.


I do think that if the council departments can't be more regional they should be merged into (ideally) one building. At the moment they are scattered all over the place and each and every one has a budget that they 'have' to spend before the end of the tax year. (Please note that I am aware that some departments are a lot more stretched with their budgets than others.)


It's a win/win situation. Now we can sit back and wait for the council to bring in some arty-farty development team from Outer Mogolia to exploit 'Oil-Rich Shetlands' funds and make a huge mockery of the place...again.

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On top of that, he suggested the old hospital site could be used for a new Council headquarters at what cost? Another £50 million?


The Hospital is moving because....... the site is too small and there is no parking and poor access...... which would make it a good site for the council HQ........


If there is ever any serious thought about a single HQ, let's get the infrastructure sorted out first, or it'll be no better than any of the current sites.

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While I'd be all for a modern hospital on a functional site, instead of a relic, most of which is even older than myself, in an almost impossible to access and overcrowded location. I'll say the same about getting one as I said about getting the CT Scanner, the money should come from Edinburgh and/or Westminster, not us. N.I. Contributions were created partly as funding for the NHS, although come this time of life it's probably funded quite a bit from general taxation too.


We have a right to get our money's worth for what's been rifled out of our wages etc before we got them. It's not like you can opt out of paying taxes, so why should we also pay for what those taxes are supposed to pay for, that to my mind is paying twice? Are we so well off and charitable that we can buy our own and pay for a new Medivac Chopper for Toxteth, or a new Hospital wing in Ramsbottom, or something similar, as somewhere like that is where our tax money will end up if we pay for a Hospital out of our local kitty.


Somehow, almost 50 years ago the NHS managed to find the funds to build a perfectly good hospital here, and nobody is going to tell me that they were squandering it any less on sh*te back then than they are now, so let them do it again. By all means, if something is seen as beneficial in a new hospital that falls outwith the remit of what the NHS is responsible for, it should be considered for local funding, but make those responsible pay for in full the things they are supposed to.


As regards a single site Council Headquarters, I'd be all for it, providing the location is somewhere central..............like the wilderness in the hills south of the Black Gaet. It would be a cheap site to obtain, and with any luck many of the less bright Councillors might end up wandering aimlessly lost in the sea of heather looking for it, where they can do little harm.

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God, you lot don't know you're born!


GBH is fabulous. OK the parking is not perfect but that could be improved - remove the grass and re-allocate spaces. Multi-storey it.


Facilities - fine, you don't wait ages, it is not cramped, over-filled so that folk are lying in stretchers in the corridors, you are seen fairly quickly for referrals, etc. Clean, tidy, have equipment and reasonable facilities. It is bliss.


Go and spend 8 hours in A&E on a Saturday night in any hospital in a town in England and you will see peeling paint, no space, filth everywhere, no staff, no equipment, people making do without any support or funding, etc.


You don't know you are born. I have worked in the NHS for years and this place is heaven in comparison. A few tweaks, I grant you are needed, but not a new hospital.


Maybe spend the money on carting everyone south to see what the real world is like. A complete and utter village!



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My issues here are many!


Do we really need a new hospital. Possibly yes - possibly not, but it should only be considered with a funding package from Scottish Executive. It is an OK investment if NHS are going to rent it back to get us our money back?


Do we really need new council offices in central Lerwick. No. Da Black Gaet sounds perfect.


If they are all necesary, (which I am not sure they are) could we not create a new campus at the Black Gaet to hold the council offices, new primary and secondary high schools for both Lerwick and Scalloway, old folks home, maybe even a new hospital when the NHS wants one and an efficient public transport system between Scalloway, the Black Gaet campus and Lerwick? Think about the improvements in parking, cars, reduction in greenhouse effect etc. They could even put up a few more windmills on the hills above to power the development?


My main issue however, is that Cecil (and he is not alone) wish for iconic buildings to be constructed in their time as councillor, to provide for future generations? Why can the future generations not decide for themselves.


Its our charitable trust too!!


The Cecil Eunson memorial hospital.

The Sandy Cluness bridge to Bressay

The Alan Wishart tunnel to Bressay

The Florence Grains museum and archives

The Gussie Angus new primary school


need I go on............................. 'pie in the sky' or a sad lack of vision by our motley crew of councillors?


P.S I dont know whose name will be plastered onto the music venue, or the new AHS. I'm not actually sure the new councillors want to fund this, but are sadly afraid to say stop and rethink!

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Surely it is time to put old Mr Eunson out to graze at the Ness of Sound instead?




After hearin him on da radio dastreen yuns brawly funny!


Dunna see why the charitable trust should have to pay for a new hospital, surely it should be the NHS, but as Mr Eunson said we would wait till the cows came home before they decided to build a new one.


He seemed tae be spaekin aboot coos an yows alot..., I think do's maybe right Ceaser

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Mr Eunson only seems to be interested in things that will help the old or disabled (which is laudable), but when I see he is both I cant help but think hes has a vested intrest.


I think that it isn't so much a vested interest, more an appreciation of the difficulties that being old or having a disability can cause. The local councillors of previous years have been noteable in their absence on several occasions when things to do with disability have been discussed, even when they were all sent an individual invitation to meetings. It's easy to be invisible when you're disabled.

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I think I am relieved that the Charitable Trust has rejected this proposal as, so it seems to me, once any of Shetland's money is used to provide something that should properly be paid for by the Edinburgh or London governments we are at great risk of finding all future central government funding being stopped until such time as the trust funds have gone.

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^^^ Agreed, we're sailing plenty close to the wind as is in that department with what's already been spent on leisure facilities and such. Ideally I'd like to see the Trust money being more-proactive in commercially viable developments which benefitted Shetland and it's population rather than luxury service facilities in sports, entertainment and arts.


The principle behind investment in such things as Salmon farming, Faeroe men's white whales and the Windy Lights I applaud, it's showing some willing in the right direction. But It needs competent people behind it to make prudent business decisions, not a ragtag baund who appear more concerning in scratching backs who've previously scratched their's, creating self-monuments in concrete and so on, than actually making the money work for us.


I'd suggest a good place for them to start would be to position themselves so as to be an alternative to bank investment in local small/medium sized business, by offering a loan, no larger than a commercial bank has already offered, but at around 0.5-1% under bank interest. Definitely no more even thinking about loans and grants to enterprises banks won't touch with a barge pole, if a commercial bank won't go with it, chances are it's not worth having, and let the grandiose pie in the sky schemes be until such time as the Trust Funds have grown to a point that the amount for any pie in the sky project could be lost and no one would miss it.

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