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Best Chipshop in shetland...


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Ians fish an chip shop wis fantastic back maybe 5 years ago. When it wis sold its been da Fort all the way!!! Frankies is good asweel but have tae agree the chips can sometimes hay a burnt oil taste we dem. Day do a very fine breakfast, an also some splendid maet efter d Brae UHA but dare again anything is spot on!!! :P :wink:

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Guest harri2006

Went to the new chippy today. Portion of fish was not very much considering it cost £4.30 for a sinlge fish. The batter on my king rib was rather hard. On the plus side tho, the chips were lovely and they had chip shop brown sauce mmmmmm

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Chips are excellent (had some really tired ones from both The Fort and the Happy Haddock recently) but the white pudding needed to be cooked in hotter oil I think. The batter was pale and flabby, not crisp at all. In fact the contents of their counter of the pre-fried fish, meat, etc wore the same coloured batter.


I hope this is teething problems because their chips were excellent and the white pudding was a good make but needed longer imho.


Yum, yum!


I am keen to try the kebabs but not until I am 100% convinced everything is cooked for long enough...... for obvious reasons! :oops:

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