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Best Chipshop in shetland...


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I had a white pudding supper, the chips were covered in black specles which i presume was from the oil requiring changed and the white pudding was as tough as old boots.


Other two folk at work said they had been in once and would never go back.

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Popped into the 'new Ian's chippy' to ask if they fried their chips in lard, or oil?

Was informed they use oil, but... also, that everything they do is Halal... as a vegetarian I found that a tad disturbing, so won't be eating from there, so that leaves the Fort chippy. {I believe Happy Haddock still fries their chips in lard?}

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Okay, here is one for the auld folk


In the days of Good Victoria

Peace and plenty reigned supreme

On the night of our Up Helly Aa

Jollification is the theme.


So before you start off


Stock up with sweets and fags

Obtained from PETER LEISK'S

Fish and chips from THE VICTORIA

Served up in paper bags.


Both well established at the Market Cross..



Found this in the 1965 UHA Program priced 1/3

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I had a supper from the new harbour chippy the other day and it was awful. Tasteless and really greasy.


Last night I had a supper from the Happy Haddock, it was lovely, best chips I have had in a while, nice and crispy.


Frankies is nice but they need to work on their chips,,,, can be dry and kinda hard.

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OMG bit short of time and I missed my meal to go off to da fishing.

On the way back after a pint I felt a bit peckish so, knowing that da Fort would be closed {GRRR} and after a bad experience at the Harbour not that long back, I tried the Happy Haddock. { sometimes, you forget a bad experience but, that was after it last it changed hands}


WTF can't they F*** up? King rib - It leaked more oil than the boat engine.

The chips were like rubber and I actualy broke a bit out of my dentures on a crispy bit just before what was left went into the bin.


I should have known better. How the hell do you expect bairns that are not long finished playing with dolls to be able to make food?

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