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Best Chipshop in shetland...


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I don't mind prices increasing as long as quality and portion size are not affected.


Has anybody else noticed that the Fort Chippy's prices increased last week while, at the same time, their fish portion sizes decreased.


I have regularly, (for the past 27 years) bought a fish supper, most Fridays from the Fort Chippy.


I've gone to other chip shops during the Christmas period when the Fort is shut, but none (for my taste) have been as good - my own personal opinion.


Last Friday (after the price increase) and tonight, I have received (on asking for my usual fish supper) approximately 3/4 of a medium sized fillet - in the past, portions have normally consisted of a full fillet plus half a fillet.


I feel really disappointed.


As stated above, I don't mind paying more, if the quality and quantity stay the same.


I do, however, really object, to paying more for far less!


Has this been a couple of unfortunate blips, or are these smaller portion sizes going to be the norm?


If so - I will step out of my comfort zone and look elsewhere for my Friday night treat......

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The Fort Chip Shop is my favourite but I have two peerie gripes.


1. I dunna like the big full fish suppers(hate big fish) so get a peerie one but it's more of a bairn's size portion and would need to be just a peerie bit bigger especially the amount of chips you get and for what it costs.


2. It doesna have a very friendly feel, although the young servers are often fine.


3. If the prices have increased that's a real shame.


Oh wait dat's three things :lol:

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with the size of fish up here, you wouldnt wanna be south. up here is double the size of south!!


Not strictly true. Yes, most of the fish n chip shops in London are absolutely dire with one exception (mind you, the prices were always high):-




I guess I was fortunate in being born in S{by the way, do you realise I tried to swear here?}horpe, not too many miles from Grimsby. Even last year when I visited by Dad in Brigg, I made a point of having a fish supper. HUGE cod accompanied by good thick chips with loads of mushy peas, larger even than the brilliant fish suppers Ghostie and I have shared from the Ness Boating Club.


Haven't yet frequented the chippies in town - do they do mushy peas?


Edit: Any typos ignore - Ghostie's laptop screen is breaking up now!!!!! :cry:

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I was in Aberdeen recently and got one of the biggest fish suppers I've ever seen from The Osprey at Dyce Station. Tray was like a big kebab tray as full of chips as it could go, with 1 1/2 really large fillets on top. Cant remember the exact price but it was about 4.60 I think. Not only was it huge but excellent too, beat all of my recent experiences at home by a good margin.

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I was in Aberdeen recently and got one of the biggest fish suppers......

Orkney is pretty decent as well.

About £4.60 and portion size is way more than you get here.

It must be the 'freight' that does it.... :evil:


Oh! 'Freight' charges on fish....heard it all now! :lol:

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