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Best Chipshop in shetland...


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Guest posiedon
If you go to the Fort - they're almost always "just waiting on chips" or "just waiting on fish" or both.
We've been using it for 11 years, only once had to wait for chips and never for fish.
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I noticed recently that the harbour chip shop said 'gluten free' but when I asked how they made it the staff were unsure. Does anyone know if any other chip shops (other than frankies) that caters for gluten free?


The Icelandic Fish and Chips restaurant in Reykjavik. Though they'd be a bit cold by the time you got home.

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I was in Aberdeen recently and got one of the biggest fish suppers I've ever seen from The Osprey at Dyce Station. Tray was like a big kebab tray as full of chips as it could go, with 1 1/2 really large fillets on top. Cant remember the exact price but it was about 4.60 I think. Not only was it huge but excellent too, beat all of my recent experiences at home by a good margin.


I ate there. Really nice and MASSIVE. Only downside was that there was nowhere to sit in the area so used a brick tower thingy (forgotten what it actually was) round the side as a table n that worked great...till it started drizzling but at least I had nearly finished. Bit OTT on the salt (but don't you Scots like your salt?)

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Harbour chip shop was excellent a few days back, fish, chips and kebab meat all second to none. Far better than the other chippies in town, maybe even better than Frankies.


i dotn agree with that. I had a white pudding from there and i bit into it and it was dripping with fat and grease, yet the pudding was extremely dry!

but then I suppose it depends on when you go!

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Well the fish and chips were certainly very good, can't comment on anything else really.


Yes I guess it does depend when you go. I'd only ever been once, when they first opened. I think it took them some time to get it right as that experience was awful! :-)

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