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Best Chipshop in shetland...


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Fort for me will be heading there when we get there at Christmas


The Fort gets my vote too - the fish and chips in the sit in bit are hard to beat - and not just compared to other places in Shetland.


Beware though tarotangel, I was looking forward to a fix when I was home last at Christmas but it was shut for the duration of the holiday.

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The Fort got my vote - even before what happened recently. ;)


Before seeing our son off on the boat, we thought we'd sit in at the Fort. We chattered away, not particularly noticing the length of time it was taking. I thought that service was perhaps a little slower than usual but not any big deal. We may have looked at our watches - but nothing to do with the waiting time, more to check on the time for going to the boat. So I was suprised when going to pay, after having delicious fish suppers, to be told that the boss had said we were to get it free as we'd been kept waiting too long.


I thanked him on the way out and he replied with a thank you back. I'm impressed! :)


Now expecting to see hordes of people in the Fort looking at their watches every five minutes. ;) Don't abuse it chaps. :)

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