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Best Chipshop in shetland...


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When Ian had the little trailer across from the esplanade toilets it was probably about the best chips in Shetland. I assume this is because he was using smaller quantities. It is imperative that the fat/oil is hot, but throw in a quarter hunderweight of chips and the fat/oil will dramatically decrease in temperature.


I also think vegetable oil destroys the flavour. There's nothing wrong with a bit of fat as long as you're not eating it too often.


Whin I wis peerie, da chips wir far better (washed doon wi Scalloway Minerals' vimto). :wink:

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Fort - Frankies - Happy Haddock


The Fort's me regular. Love the chips. Can't beat a fish supper and ten crabsticks!! Or white pudding supper we 10 onion rings! Absolutely perfect.


Been tae Frankies once. Loved the taste o the fish, the batter wis slightly oily in the inside but darn it tasted good!!


Happy Haddock is visited when the fort is closed!

Alright fish, alright chips.


It seems the chips up her just dont compare to the eens south! Ones in Fife are fantastic!!


A large supper consists o three massive fillets... perfect for a day's eating.. No Crabsticks though :(

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^^ Either that was waay back, or I think you may be mixing up two chippies, the old Viking Cafe back as far as the mid-70's at least was walk in to a peerie room across from the passage from the outside door, and up to a counter. It was a pokey peerie hole right enough, but you could see everything, sometimes too much :? :wink:


Peter Leisk's restaurant building at the north side of the Cross had a chippie that served out of a hatch direct to folk standing on the street outside. It closed down in the early '70's though. The same family who ran Peter Leisk's ran the Viking for a time in the late 70's and early 80's, which could lead to folk mixing the two up.

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